Montag, 27. November 2017


(Running time: 51:01 minutes; 16 songs)
("Napalm Records"; 2017; CD):
And back @ work again, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, yes, fourth day and fourth post in a row, yes, so you may could say that I'm in a flow right now... but before you say that or something like that just let us wait how long and far this flow will 'flow-on' before we start a little celebration because of it. ;-) And now straight and right into the action, and this 'action' right now, right here is my review on the current new TOXPACK album titled "SCHALL & RAUCH" released via "NAPALM RECORDS" some few months ago more or less recently in 2017, yes, and so now here we go again: The precursor album "FRISS" (2014) wasn't that high on my personal like-list back then and even it used to grow quite a bit on me since then I still think it is, so in my personal-taste-book, pretty much the weakest TOXPACK album so far... with this in mind it took me some time before I finally decided to simply just get "SCHALL & RAUCH" and stop thinking about the pro's-and-con's, yes, and you know what, I am pretty thankful that I finally did so, oh yes, because "SCHALL & RAUCH" is miles ahead of its precursor album and anyhow a really damn fucking strong album, music- and lyricwise. The days of "DIE ANDERE SEITE" and "AGGRESSIVE KUNST" and even quite a bit of "CULTUS INTERRUPTUS" are long over, for sure, but god-damn-it because who the fuck cares, yes, we have this albums already and there's no need to expect any sort of ripp-off's and especially who are we to expect that bands just run in circles and give us the same old stuff time and time again... hell no, because even if I don't know who we are but this is not who we are, if you get what I want to say. And so, yes, it's all more than only good and fine, and...I have not a single clou if TOXPACK just got stronger again or if it is just me, me and my taste or call it how you want, but "SCHALL & RAUCH" walks straight further on the path of "FRISS" (2014) but really that much stronger and I really, really like it, and this strongly. This is really strong and powerful, high-quality and (sometimes more, sometimes less) slightly metallic german Rock music with fresh and strong own ideas and a strong own identity. You might could call or name it German Rock and this would be anyhow sort of a pretty good match but personally I would prefer to name it Streetrock; but anyhow that's not that important after all. Clearly rooted in Oi!, Streetpunk, and Punkrock, definitely, and of Course Streetcore, yes, but this roots you get today far, far more 'ideational' than via the musical delivery; this is just through-and-through pure hard hitting and sharp cutting, oh yes, heavily by the really bright shining diverse and very, very well-skilled guitars dominated 'german-tongued' Streetrock full of power and honest emotions, marked by strong and exciting songwriting that comes up again and again with fresh ideas and cool surprises and with rousing rhythm structures and verse arrangements and that then on top delivers first class refrains with highly anthemic sing-a-long potential that turns a lot of the songs into real hymns. And all done very stand-alone and nicely clichee-free. The diverse and the songs heavily forward driving guitars and the outshining charismatic lead vocals that are at/in the right moments strongly backed up by widescreen back-up chants, hell yeahr, really mark the songs heavily and the to the point tight and precise played rhythm section then gives the songs a loadable bulky backbone. Fantastic lyrics (very often also damn personal, so my impression, and that lyrics really sort of speak out deeply of my heart here and now in this current period of my life), an absolutely beautiful artwork, and a first class clear and powerful production sound then finally make it all round. My personal favorites are "KOMMERZ (DIE GEIER KREISEN)", "WILLKOMMEN IM CLUB", "AUF ALTE TAGE", "BIS ZUM LETZTEN TON", "REDEN, LÄSTERN, LÜGEN", "DIE LETZTEN, DIE SICH NOCH DAGEGEN STELLEN", "IN TRÜMMERN", "GIB MIR ALL DEIN GELD", "NICHTS GEHT MEHR", "UNBELEHRBAR", and "ALLES AUF ANFANG"; so this would be my ultimate-listening-tips. I can only recommend TOXPACK's "SCHALL & RAUCH" highly to you, and so, yes, if you still don't have it or call it your own then you should as soon as possible change this and simply just go out and get it; and this best right now.
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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