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(Running time: 42:41 minutes; 12 songs)
("Rebellion Records"; 2017; CD):
And again and like already said one or two times in the past up here 2017 was music-wise a damn strong and a very good year and it also saw some, from my point of view, sort of really (long) awaited but anyhow pretty to very surprising and mostly very strong returns of bands that were abscent and away for anyhow far too long, yes, and the lads here fall or fit perfect into that certain 'category of bands': HARDSELL. Side by side with CLOSE COMBAT but independently from each other (so to say) the (al)mighty HARDSELL finally released in 2017 via the legendary "REBELLION RECORDS" with their damn impressive forceful slasher "SUBCULTURE CRIMINALS" their first album since their larger than life classic "PISSED'N'BROKE" from 2004 and so you see... another band that sort of needed more than 10 years and in fact 13 years before finally unleashing new glory tunes on/at us; the third record-review on an album by a band that took so long... what-ever this now may mean... if anything... Anyhow, back to the topic: About the "who-then-and-who-now" is or was in HARDSELL or not (anymore) you can probably if not surely sort of anywhere else read all what you need to know (or not) and so I will spare me the words about it here and now, also because it's anyhow that much important after all (at least if you ask me). Far more important is the fact that "SUBCULTURE CRIMINALS" is a damn impressive and hard hitting Oi! album by this icons of Dutch Oi! and it kicks damn heavy and massive ass from start to finish. This is mighty and powerful, hard'n'heavy and yet very melodic Oi! that sort of sounds like the last 13 years just weren't existent (if you get what I mean) and it's today as relevant and fresh and alive/lively like it was back then and this is really impressive, yes, really impressive. This is straight and forceful onwards stomping Oi! full of smashing rhythmic arrangements, forward pushing verses and catchy anthemic refrains, well-timed breaks, and great melodic lines and HARDSELL fans will love it as well as fans of DISCIPLINE and TECH 9 will cheer up to it and also fans of hymnal and hard pushing Brit Oi! as well as guitar driven and yet very melodical American Oi! surely will go nuts to it - and this for all the right and justified reasons. It's through'n'through typical HARDSELL and especially the rough'n'tough lead vocals and the very present and heavily the songs marking lead (and solo) guitars are the biggest and in the way how they are done and delivered also the most unique and characteristic  trademark of HARDSELL in general and also of "SUBCULTURE CRIMINALS" in general, yes, and so expect twelve new songs filled to the max with hard as nails delivered throaty lead vocals backed up by 'widescreen' crew back ups, catchy verses and huge hymnal refrains, and great guitars that deliver a heavy and forceful rhythm work and especially loud singing melodic leads and solos, and this all (is) backed up massively by crushing rhythm section. And all is through and through to be clearly identified as a true HARDSELL album all the ride from start to finish. A big load of pretty strong Oi! lyrics, a first class heavy and nicely clear production sound, and a pretty cool artwork we finally get on top of it all. And yes, that's it, it's a damn great record and I can only recommend it to any of you into Oi! (and/or Streetpunk) outta there and so make sure that you get it and then play it damn fucking loud. This is a damn great album that holds a lot to discover for you in store, yes, and it's truly and really damn good that HARDSELL are really back, finally. Welcome back guys. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the facebook site of the band)


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