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(Running time: 55:56 minutes; 12 songs)
("Spinefarm Records"; 2018; CD):
At the 19th of January of 2018 Zakk Wylde's BLACK LABEL SOCIETY releasesed their newest and also already 10th full-length-album via "SPINEFARM RECORDS" titled "GRIMMEST HITS" and here and now you finally get my record-review on it. I always thought that the BLACK LABEL SOCIETY does sound like a bastard out of OZZY OSBOURNE (surely also especially vocal-wise), CORROSION OF CONFORMITY (think about their "DELIVERANCE" period), LYNYRD SKYNYRD (for the huge guitar driven Southern Rock taste), and a bit of DOWN, BRAND NEW SIN and also aslight bit PANTERA (due to that very special grooving guitars with that singing 'southern flair'), and then all mixed through with some good dirty 1970's and also a bit 1980's inspired Classic Rock or Vinatge Rock with some very slight Blues notes in it and here and there some old/early ALICE IN CHAINS reminiscences and all served very self-contained, yes, and that's exactly the way how their "GRIMMEST HITS" rock and groove in a really heavy and (sort of) 'down-tuned' but still and nowadays first-and-foremost always very smooth and also nicely melodic way out of the speakers. And while I sit here and having listened to BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's "GRIMMEST HITS" for nearly countless times since last month (I bought it right when it was finally released) and again listen to it one more time and probably for many more times to come, yes, Ireally haven't that much to say and with what I have said so far and with what I'm going to say adding to it with the next three or four sentences it will be all what I have to say to/about it and not because this would be anyhow anything like a weak album or anything like 'unspectacular' or what the hell else ever, nah, it's just... I really damn like this album a lot but beside saying this and pointing out that this very one here will be probably one of the heaviest and deepest but yet all the time also one of the smoothest and one of the most soul- and playful and also one of the most hymnal (in a pretty much absoultely clichee-free way) albums in Hard Rock we all will experience being released in 2018 I haven't that much more to say simply because BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's "GRIMMEST HITS" simply completly speaks for its own and this in its own tongue'n'tone. But maybe you now already all that you have to know? Maybe there's no need to 'extend' this very one here and now? In this particular case here I feel so. And so let me close this review with pointing out that the songwriting is very intense and atmospheric and filled with so much honest emotions and being 'music-wise' extremly playful and also soulful that you will nothing but sink deep and deeper into this fabulous songs; with pointing out that the damn charismatic heartfelt vocals really shine bright, the guitar work is one of the very best you will ever experience, the (hammond) organ adds a lot of special flavour to it all, and the rhythm section is a just very damn massive and decent force; and with pointing out that this album will give you goosepimples again and again. If there would be maybe only one or two a bit 'faster paced' songs to shake it one or two times maybe a little bit up then my rating would maybe be even a bit better... but after I especially love the ballads "THE ONLY WORDS", "THE DAY THAT HEAVEN HAD GONE AWAY" and "NOTHING LEFT TO SAY" I am maybe also not so sure about that after all... how-ever, strong lyrics, a fantastic (and also sort of pretty ironical or humouristic) artwork, and a perfect warm, dirty, earthy, and heavy production sound round it all finally up. Nothing left to say, if I would be you, I would make sure to get my hands on a copy of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY's "GRIMMEST HITS" (finally) as soon as possible.
(8,5 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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