Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

PATRIOT - American Oi! over Europe in 1997: "To serve and protect!" "Yeah, fuck you!" - A.C.A.B.

("Blind Beggar Records"; CD):
Also this is the review of a release that used to be released many, many years ago and it's (like you may have already thought due to the title of the record) a live record by no one else than the almighty, legendary and immortal PATRIOT. Uh, and it's really for the very first time that this almighty band is becoming a part of this very blog here, and so it's truly about time, because, ha, it's hard to believe because PATRIOT are and have always been one of my very all-time favorite bands ever, no matter out of which specific genre ever, point and fact!!! With their forceful, hard and pushing, yet damn melodic, catchy (in every positive sense of this word/term) and anthemic, simply larger than life American Oi! they are really a statement of its own. (I hope you got what I wanted to say with this words.) They released three full length albums so far, besde quite an impressive amount of singles, compilation songs, etc. pp., and after Eddie is finally getting well again (THANK the gods or whom or what else for this) hopefully we will finally see the release of their new album asap. But okay, they will become a important part of the 'American Oi! History Series' up here one (maybe far away) day and so I won't say that much more about them right now. This here is their second live album (for all what I know they've released another earlier live album before this one) and it was released by the german "BLIND BEGGAR RECORDS" label. The concert was recorded back on their europe tour in 1997 over here in Germany, while this album here was just released in 1999, don't ask me why. Anyhow, it's not that important at all, what only matters is the fact that it was released anyhow anyway. Okay, we get at all 22 of their great hits and some nice introduction stuff and the journey goes from their fantastic "CADENCE FROM THE STREETS" debut all the way to their great "WE, THE PEOPLE" album (wasn't released when they played the show but they play/-ed the opener of this album, "NEW WORLD ORDER", live here, pretty cool), and so the main focus lies on their debut and on their "ANOTHER DEAD GENERATION" masterpiece. And they do play also some great cover tunes: WHERE ARE THEY NOW?" (COCK SPARRER), "WE ARE THE BOYS" (BLITZ), "LET'S BREAK THE LAW" (ANTI-NOWHERE LAGUE) and "CHAOS" (THE 4 SKINS), and all are done just awesome. You shouldn't think twice and just get this album even if you're normally not that big fan of live albums at all. Supreme American Oi!, hard stomping and fist swinging, as well as anthemic as fuck, just awesome and amazing stuff, just PATRIOT!!! I have not a single clou from where the fucking damn bloody hell you still can buy it today but if you see it then get it and maybe after I think it's pretty much sold out and over an decade old you can maybe also hope that Bernando of "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog will finally load it up one more or less soon day, we will see, but I'm damn happy that I call it my own. The artwork looks pretty cool and the recording sound is as real as it can get and it's just great. Jackpot!!! Get it!!! Also Eddie is making some cool announcements, just btw. This is a great album by a great band, point and fact!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)

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  1. This Patriot liveshow was also released on VHS