Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Chicago Style Hardcore 2011: UNRECKONED's Summer Demo 2011 - Play it loud!!!

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Whoa, that's cool!!! Not that long ago I reviewed the great first proper output of the young band UNRECKONED, released earlier this very year, and now this Chicago Hardcore Roughnecks are already back with their new smasher, their second proper "SUMMER DEMO 2011" titled output. Again this one is solely out to get as a MP3-Download (it's about time that a proper physical release will see the light of the day some hopfully soon/near day), officially by the band itself put up on the web for downloading for free, and as usual in cases like this I will give you the link to the site from where you can get it (it's- again- the Bandcamp site of the band) at the end of this review. Okay, the only minus point I will name you now at first: Two songs, less than five minutes playing/running time... and that's just way far too less of new material by this awesome band, period. We get the two new songs "WASTED EFFORT" und "AGONY" and they (which means UNRECKONED) cultivated their music again quite an impressive bit. They are back on the map and they are back to attack (don't say anything, I just wanted to write this little rime anyhow, that's it all with it anyway;-)...), and that's damn fucking great!!! They made their sound more round (okay, if ya can say this just by judging by two new songs... but after this two new songs are chosen to be recorded and released as their second demo this year we can maybe think that this songs are 'rolemodels' for more of UNRECKONED to come and so we should and can judge by this songs anyhow, even if it are just two new songs at and after all... I hope you got what I wanted you to get with this words...), I mean that they worked out more all the details and that it's all even more precise and onward to more of a full blast of great and truly damn fresh Hardcore music. They've cutted quite a bit the Sludge Core influences and also the Old School Thrash Core respectively Powerviolence vibe they've turned down nearly to zero and they've sticked with and stayed true to pure through and through REAL HARDCORE approach and made it all more flowing and floating perfectly into each other, forming their own Chicago Style Hardcore 2011 out of beating and stomping, punishing and every resistance down crushing New York Hardcore like it was born and bred by especially 25 TA LIFE and MADBALL and also out of totally devastating and atomizing metallic Beatdown Hardcore in the tradition of UNIT 731 or xTYRANTx, and they are doing it all with a damn fucking huge dose of their very own identity, not copying anything or anyone. The guitar work is just an sheer musical artillery inferno of damn heavy and breath-taking brutal and hard, amazing harsh and aggressive riffs, grooves, leads and rhythms, the bass is an evil sawing and cracking demolition machinery, the drum work is just a pure assault of skills, attitude, energy and dynamic, and the sheer incredible charismatic, through and through authentic and 'naturally-organic' über-brutal Hardcore lead shouts are just pure platinum. Oh yes, damn it, that's just so damn fantastic, awesome!!! The skills of the musicians involved are just above any discussions, and the songwriting is incredible tight and intense, dynamic and forceful, grapping and interesting as fuck, just for example in the song "WASTED EFFORT" in something short above two minutes way far more is going on then in songs that other bands use to stretch for more and longer than seven minutes or something like this. Great pace and rhythm work, interesting grooves, beatdowns, changes of pace, rhythm, style and structure, to say it short and precise: Awesome!!! The lyrics are also just great, pretty hard and real stuff, and just check out their bandcamp site (there you'll find them) for a read or two, the production sound is also already brilliant stuff, and the artwork (which means in this case the cover motif) fits perfectly to and/or for the music and looks just great, period. Btw, it (which means the picture) always makes my brain scream: "American Psycho!", haha;-). So, yes, what shall I say respectively write more here and now, I just hope that finally UNRECKONED will be finally releasing a proper physical record with more songs and more playing time and hopefully a good label will give them a proper deal. One of the very best young fresh new bands (Hardcore in particular, music in general) around that owns the potential to write some pages of history with and in their style of music. Just get this one asap (as well as their "VIOLENT SOCIETY" precursor release) and support and enjoy this awesome pure platinum band. Almighty and incredible great, sheer amazing and awesome band and music. Get it!!! (10 of 10 points)

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