Mittwoch, 3. August 2011


("Afro Punk Records"; MP3-Download):
Whoa, that's a great band and release. For all what I know this album was recorded some few years ago and was meant to be released on a different label but that all didn't work(ed) out and so it's now finally in 2011 released via "AFRO PUNK RECORDS" and for all what I know solely as a MP3-Download and that offically and for free authorized by the band as well as the label (you can download it at the Bandcamp site of ACTIVATOR, you just have to get registered by "AFRO PUNK RECORDS" which means that they ask to save your e-mail-contact-data in their system and that's all, and I can calm your mood down, since I was registered there was no spam or what so ever by "AFRO PUNK RECORDS" contaminating my e-mail-systems), and like you know it in cases like this I will give you the link at the end of this review. ACTIVATOR are a great band that was totally unknown to me before this one here (and thanks to the almighty "AVERSIONLINE" blog that I stumbled upon them while I was searching through the web a while ago - and what shall I say: They totally rule!!! Late 1990's metallic Hardcore full of crunchy and destructive riffs, full of force and power, a massive and full rhythm section at work, awesome heavy emotional scream-shout vocals, devastating grooves and mosh parts, atomizing up tempo high speed parts, truck loads full of atmosphere and spirit, passion and dynamic-energy, amazing songwriting (damn grapping and interesting) and really great technical skills. That's all so damn great, period. And it's all so fresh, young, dynamic and new done, no boring retro shit on it, even if this is so great that it could have also been recorded back then some-time around in between 1997 to 1999. Awesome!!! What's making this band so even far more great is how brilliant they work totally suprising stuff into their songs as very marking elements, like brutal Death Metal riffs, catchy Melodic Death Metal leads, anthemic straight and 'punky' and fluffy forward rockin' arrangements and parts, aggressive sawing Black Metal guitars, old school Thrash Metal riffs and solos, and downward taking hypnotical Doom Metal grooves, here you'll find so much what's just damn great that you'll go nuts (in every positive way of going nuts), just great!!! To talk about the artwork... okay, no real artwork as a part of this download, just the picture you can see above at the left. But a nice picture anyhow, pretty free of your typical Hardcore clichès, cool. The production sound is raw and earthy, dirty and heavy, just a brilliant done production job, point and fact. The lyrics are pretty cool stuff, take some intense listening sessions and you'll get it. So, all in all, hopefully much more stuff of ACTIVATOR will soon see the light of the day and maybe then it will be also a proper physical release. Until(l) this day, don't think twice, just get this one here!!! Awesome shit, just damn fucking great!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Okay, okay, not the Bandcamp site of ACTIVATOR- I was wrong with that- but the Bandcamp site of "AFRO PUNK RECORDS", but who cares, right?!? =
(Note: I've changed the picture of this post and now you see- what I would say- is the real artwork of this album- and it's btw a truly cool motif- and I've also will after this words add two official bandpictures and THANKS a lot for Jared for posting them here and the damn good informations he'd given me and you and us here in the comment section, THANKS man, and I can't wait for your new album to come out!!! A great band!!! All the best from Germany to you guys and keep in touch, Andy!!!)

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  1. hey andy, thanks for the kind words, we're working on a new record & will make sure to send it over to Germany when its done! if you could do us a favor and change the picture on your review to one of these, we'd greatly appreciate it:

    also, check us on facebook -