Sonntag, 7. August 2011

OUT CROWD - "DEMO '11" (Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Old School Hardcore at its very best!!!)

("Ghetto Josh Records"; Demo/Tape):
Next up and I have not a single clou how I only somehow was able to let a release like this one here lying around for so long being 'un-reviewed' by me up here. It was recorded in January of this very year of 2011 and some-time after this it was released via the Underground/Independent label "GHETTO JOSH RECORDS". (Don't ask me anything about this label, I've never heard anything of it before, hm, but to judge by the MySpace site it seems to be a damn serious and pretty active and also well-reputated label.) Okay, I got this fine release by mail send to me by a friend of mine (many thanks for it) quite a long while ago from now (which means some months) and I'm damn glad because otherwise I would bet that I would never ever took notice of "it" (this band and album) anyhow, just far too many bands and records out there today so that it's sadly enough too damn easy to miss out on some truckloads of really good and even far better stuff out there and here I'm pretty sure that I would have totally missed out on this one not at least because I'm everything but familiar with the local Hardcore scene of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Okay, anyhow, btw, this band is a little bit mysterious for me because until now I just couldn't find any link to what site on the web ever of this band and also the MySpace site of the label don't gives us anymore informations about this band and release. Maybe I'll find what site ever later on and then I'll give you the link here anyhow some later time around, we'll see. So okay, now enough of the introduction talking, straight forward, here's the review: This is a great release, period! Old School Hardcore like you have to love it if you're into Hardcore music, period, too! (...) What, that's not enough for you? Damn it! But okay, there you go... One great pretty strong by classical Oi! influenced intro track, named simply "INTRO", is kicking it off and then three tracks of furious Old School Hardcore are unleashed at us, with titles like "BLUE BLOODS", "OUR STRUGGLE" and "WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR". OUT CROWD play damn great Old School Hardcore with a lot of Punk and Streetpunk as well as some good healthy doses of great Oi! in it, somewhere to be located between the almighty and immortal WARZONE, the very early or first stuff of the also just simply almight and surely immortal YOUTH DEFENSE LEAGUE also from New York City, and early 1980's Straight Edge Hardcore like the legendary MINOR THREAT and also old time early 1980's Hardcore pioneers like BLACK FLAG had been damn important for OUT CROWD, maybe also some Old School Thrash Core acts like CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER should be named here as an important influence for OUT CROWD after the before mentioned stuff. Fast and punky sawing and aggressive and dirty shredding guitar playing, fast and heavy pounding drums and a forceful and power pumping bass work, fresh and full and fat crew shouts, a aggressive and sharp screaming lead voice and damn great fast forward storming pace of the songs as well as amazing Old School Mosh'n'Groove moment. The songwriting is pretty cool and so you really feel that in the very short one to two minute songs far more is happening then in overly hyped five to seven minute tracks of some artsy-fartsy overlyhyped 'Hardcore' (or what today is often called so) bands of today. Brilliant! Also for fans of IRON BOOTS an FED UP! this great band here of the name of OUT CROWD should be interesting, but OUT CROWD really are ahead of the two mentioned other bands (even this bands are also really damn good and fucking cool bands anyhow), and that's so because of the fact that in the music of OUT CROWD you simply won't find the slightest piece of any retro crap, here's everything damn fucking fresh and young, alive and new, yeahr, and that's really so damn fucking great! So, yes, OUT CROWD are so far with being totally Old School but in NO way retro Hardcore pretty well comparable with the also almighty D.C.Oi! and that's a massive and huge proof of the quality of OUT CROWD. To say it short and simple: Pretty brilliant stuff!!! The lyrics are angry and militant, gladiatorial and rebellious stuff (so you see that the band has also really something if not a lot to say, great), the artwork looks awesome and the dirty and noisy production sound is just a pure beauty. Old School Hardcore with some Oi! & Skinhead marks to it, and this done nothing but damn great!!! I don't know if there are still any copies floating around but if you're a fan of Old School Hardcore then you really need to have this one here, point and fact!!! I'm really looking forward for more of OUT CROWD to come hopefully very soon. Great band!!! (9 of 10 points)
(Announcement & Download: Okay, don't ask me why but beside some other blog entries respectively some entries on or of other blogs I really find nothing else about this great band, can't tell ya why, but it anyhow sucks, period. So if anyone of you readers out there got some decent informations for me about this great band then please leave a comment or what the hell ever, would be great of you. After I don't know how many tapes respectively remaining copies are still floating around I decided to give ya a download link to or of this demo so that the global Hardcore community ;-) (at least the parts of it reading through this very blog here) can anyhow easily and in every case listen to this great band. It's not a download that I've done, just a link that I'll post up here. If you like what you listen to then buy (for example by clicking on the above posted links) the tape as long as there are still copies around. If someone of the band or the label is reading this here and wants that the link is removed then just let me know about it via leaving a comment or so and I'll take care of it asap, and so now comes the download link and then just you enjoy this awesome band: - For all what I've heard a new (and for all what I know first) full length CD of this band is announced to be released still this very year of 2011 and I think we all can be damn curious about something damn awesome and amazing is coming at us, so be prepared for it and start with finally knowing this demo.)

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