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BLACKSTONE - "HEREDITAS" (Hardcore from Regensburg, Germany in 2010/2011)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Great! Awesome! Amazing! Totally stand-alone stuff! You need to have this! Period! (...) Okay, okay, okay, I now already that this isn't enough here at this point and so, yehp, I'll write some words more to and about it, calm down. This one is (for what I know) still the 'newest' and current release by this german Hardcore band and it was recorded and released already back in 2010. To be honest then I have to admit that I totally didn't knew BLACKSTONE before this one and it seems to me that this album was solely released as an official MP3-Download by the band itself totally done in the D.I.Y. way of doing things like this, and I have not a single clou if there ever had been physical releases of it as well as I don't know how many stuff BLACKSTONE used to have already released so far. (Now I know it, an Demo earlier before this LP and a 7'' vinyl single released after this LP some-time in 2010 and this 7'' seems to be the first proper release by the band and I need to have it.) Okay, anyhow, it's all maybe also not really that much important after all, and as usual you get the link to the Bandcamp site of the band where you can download this album for free at the end of this review. And yes, finally a really great, outshining and stand-alone Hardcore band from good old shitfaced Germany again, brilliant and just great, point and fact. And I really can't tell ya why also this album (and how damn great it is) was lying here around without coming up here for so many months now (got it in the early months of this very year of 2011 or so also from their Bandcamp site, found it while I was searching through the web some time for some new interesting music out there back then), strange things do sometimes happen somehow... Like I've already said or written at the beginning of this vey review here, this album is an awesome piece of (Hardcore) music(k) and not a single little thing less. BLACKSTONE are a Hardcore band and a great Hardcore band with a pretty unique, ah, nah, I mean: with a very stand-alone and unique style and approach. Comparable bands just refuse to come to my mind and maybe if you just take the approach, the quality and the (stand-alone and self-contained) character of the band and its music you can maybe just compare them to legendary and latest now-a-days larger-than-life pioneers in 1990's Hardcore history like DAMNATION A.D. and MORNING AGAIN as well as the almighty INTEGRITY and so you should be already able to see how great BLACKSTONE are and how important for future developments of and in Hardcore they could become if just the fair and real chance to do so will only be given to them. It's Hardcore with a metallic edge to it, filled with massive walls of ultra-heavy and well-versed and very multi-layered cracking guitar riffs, very atmospheric and intense guitar leads, here and there outstanding 'goosepimples-approved' guitar solo work (but no annoying solo wack off), evil and grumpy sheer heavy and brutal yet totally clichè-free bass playing, massive and noisy and angry stomping drums with a really somehow very stoic yet at the samt time very diverse and pretty exciting as well as hypnotic massive effect on the listeners, totally full-throat fat crew shouts, and brilliant charismatic, very emotional and passionate, throaty and harsh shouted lead vocals, and all is mixed together just brilliant and great and all melted together by somehow very complex and especially very clever arranged, very well-versed and even more divrse and multi-layered songwriting that is making it all here just even way far better. Totally suprising twists and turns are waiting for you to be discovered by you, hypnotic and stoic somehow 'Industrial-like' arranged parts, Old School Hardcore impressions, metallic Hardcore raging anger and madness, ultra heavy mosh and totally destructive Beatdown parts, thrashy fist in the air marks and strong rockin' by MOTÖRHEAD influenced notes and then even far more go all hand in hand without only a how-ever little break or stop in the flow of the single songs or the complete album and with all what they do BLACKSTONE truly and really do create an incredible intense and tight atmosphere, that's just brilliat, and totally suprising shit (from completly 'spacy' guitar stuff to amazing clean vocal passages in moments where you would have never ever bet for something like this to come and to work, but they come and work, yes, and how they work) is the crown of it all, yeahr, this one grabs you and it won't let you loose again, it holds its grab on you, yes, just total outstanding and awesome stuff. Amazing! This is really something totally 'special' and gifted, absolutely alive and fresh and new and kicking, and just brilliant, something you will love and you need to have if you are into really good and interesting Hardcore or at least interested in truly grapping and really outshining intense and extreme and heavy and harsh as well as brutal and completly clichè-free music, period. We get also great lyrics with also a very unique approach behind it/them, a great artwork (lyrics and art are both coming via the download, thumbs up for that) that's also refusing to go any clichè-way, again thumbs up for that, too, and a massive pounding forceful and powerful, yet dirty and earthy, dry and dusty production sound. If I would only got this one here even more earlier (and I mean already back then in 2010) it would have earned a pretty high place in my top ten records list of/for the year of 2010, definitely. So if you still don't have it then make sure to get it (for example at least via the this review following official download link) and give your support to this awesome band and let us hope to see more from them coming asap. Get it!!! Awesome!!! (10 of 10 points)
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