Sonntag, 7. August 2011

HEARTLESS --- Hardcore/Crustcore from Pittsburgh in 2011

HEARTLESS - "HEARTLESS" ("D.I.Y." / "Tina B" / "Thor Johnson Records" / "Revolution Chords"; MP3-Download):
Also like the release of SWEET WEAPONS this here is one of the releases I really have to bring the review of it finally up here because it's really about time to do so. First of all this here was primarly released as a 7'' single (and I think this very year of 2011) but it was also later on released as a download to be loaded down for fee and even it was maybe not by the band itself done it was done with the authorization or so of and by the band itself so that they promote the download link via their band own blog and so the download link I will give to you at the end of this review. I just call it by myself my own as the download version and even I would have loved to get one of the physical 7'' copies as one of my very own I have to say that this is also again a case in which the whole download idea is a damn great one because otherwise I would have maybe never ever known this band anyway and I would have definitely missed out on this release here. And if I would have done so then I would have missed out on something really, really good. So, HEARTLESS from Pittsburgh are a very fine Hardcore band that really know how to convince the listeners, if you like your Hardcore filled with Crust and some few Sludge and all done pretty sinister and dark as well as aggressive and furious then HEARTLESS are exactly 'your thing'. They play pretty much Old School Hardcore with a lot of a great authentic "Fuck you all!" Punkrock attitude to it, some very few metallic impressions, some good healthy doses of dirty and sick Sludge Core and some really big doses of Crustcore and D-Beat in it all. Very good stuff, for sure. All very heavy and angry, noisy and brutal, dark and dirty, aggressive and raging and fueled up to the max with old school styled Hardcore mosh grooves, bitter raging high speed Crustcore and D-Beat moments, sick and psychotic down paced Sludge parts, all done with huge and heavy loads of crushing and sawing guitars, tight as fuck drumming, forceful bass work, and crazed sick and aggressive vocals. Sometimes also some (only very) few Powerviolence comes into play, and anyhow if you like Hardcore and Crustcore pari passu then you will definitely like, nah, definitely love HEARTLESS. Bitter lyrics, and a great production sound and all the aesthetics (I love the cover artwork) of HEARTLESS are pretty cool and fit totally 100% to the music and the attitude of this very band. If they work out their songwriting and make it more demanding and stringent then there next output will get an even better rating up here, for sure, trust me upon this. Until then make sure that you get this one here and enjoy it, and play it LOUD, period!!! (8 of 10 points)

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