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Here is a pretty cool new release by a (at least to me) totally new band, RED FOREST HUNTER from Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A., and I stumbled over this via the great "AVERSIONLINE" blog ( when I was surfing through the web the last days or so and once again a big thanx to the guy running this awesome blog for so many years right now. This here is a D.I.Y. Demo EP that was respectively is released by the band itself currently (for all what I do currently know) solely as a MP3-Download in great quality and as the complete package with all the lyrics and the brilliant and just beautiful and also very atmospheric artwork, thumbs up for that. The download link you can find on their Bandcamp site and the link to this site I will give you at the end of this review, the usual way to handle stuff like this up here. To me this band is a totally unknown one respectively was it even a bit more before listening to this one here. So, what shall I say, beside the fact that these guys do come from Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A. that much more I can't tell you about them. Hm, trying to keep this one here short('er') this time it's already far enough of the introducing small talk and so on (in-)to this review here: RED FOREST HUNTER (a btw somehow really damn cool bandname anyhow) do give us four songs, "ASSHOLES & ORANGES", "NO SAFETY LIGHTS", "THE SURFACE IS THE DEPTH" and "SECOND CHANCES", in something around ten minutes or something like this. What we get from them? A pretty cool mixture out of Emo Core and some Indie Rock falvor to it, as well as a big bunch of somehow Punkrock noise, some very few Hardcore impressions and a lot of textures of the Post Rock and Post Core sceneries. All crowned by grapping and interesting songwriting, full of clever arrangements, intelligent and very good flowing changes of the pace of the songs, suprising short breaks, somehow really amazing guitar textures, grapping rhythm structure work, a great feeling and intense atmosphere, and all is there, all is here. Brilliant guitar work and arrangements, no matter if you take the awesome leads and the constantly different and varying melody lines a.k.a. the 'red lines' that creep marking('ly') through the songs, the great sometimes also pretty stoic and always heavy rockin' riff work or some pretty unique solos and atmospheric somehow ambient passages, it's just great and works out nearly perfect, then the rhythm section is a pure beauty at work, pounding yet fluffy and varying crispy drum playing, powerful shredded bass work, and two lead singers, one with a more or less gruff throaty angry lead singing voice and one with a more high('er') somehow 'screaming' voice and the 'coming together' of the two is really a trademark of the songs, even the guitars are at the end of the day really the most marking factor of the music of RED FOREST HUNTER. They aren't really comparable to any other bands out there, at least no comparision is coming to my mind. Maybe only a very little bit ALEXIS ON FIRE, hm, but, nah, RED FOREST HUNTER truly do their own awesome thing. If you're searching for something maybe anyhow truly 'new' and something definitely stand-alone and something that's still truly really heavy in this whole world of Emo, Indie, and Post-what-the-bloody-fuck-ever-Music(k) then make sure to check out this guys and their Demo of 2011 here. Get the download, period! The artwork is amazing, the interesting lyrics are really great, the production sound is a strong bomb, and if they fill the last few blank holes  in the songs then the next time around they will get the highest grade possible up here if they work that great again in the future. Get it!!! (9 of 10 points)
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