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GREEN DESTROYED - "DEMO 2011" (Green Anarchist Black Metal from out of the dephts of Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S.A. in 2011)

(Not the cover artwork of this demo.)
("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download):
Okay, what we have here is something pretty new for me and it is nothing else than: Anarchist Black Metal! Or, to say it all even more precise: Green Anarchist Black Metal! (Could be interesting how the RABM scene is justifying their ambitions to take over Black Metal and use and maybe also abuse it for their agenda, like the NSBM retards have done it before.) Damn it, what everything exists today... Never heard of anything like this before. Knew of NSBM for quite a while now, hm, and so it seems that also the conuterparts of the WP/NS nutjobs paving the way for their front via using Black Metal and it's all called Red and Anarchist Black Metal (or Metalheads in general), seems like a pretty comparable situaion or development like in the world of Skinhead(s) with this WP/NS Bonehead idiots on the one side of the fence and the RASH jackasses on the other side while all the other kinds of Skinheads (Oi!, Trads, real SHARPs, HC, Trojan, etc. pp.) are caught in between this two poles and became and still becoming because of this attacked and defamed and... ah, you all know the story and especially when the media joins the play. Maybe this scenario and this whole14/88 bullshit and crap on the one side and the whole AFA PC fakes and fags on the other side are becoming now-a-days also more than ever the 'destiny' of the world of Metal, we will see. Because it's one thing to address political and social issues in and with and through-out your songs, but to take part in this ideological farce is a whole other thing. Something not really good seems to happen now-a-days also in other scenes than Skinhead and Oi! and okay, why not, right, but btw I think that developmnts like this had never ever been something anyhow good after all. Anyhow, I've found this one here on the blog named "RED AND ANARCHIST BLACK METAL (AND MUCH MORE)" ( and thought that it might be pretty interesting anyhow, and so I took care of the download. The download there ( is posted with the authorization of GREEN DESTROYED and so I will give you the link at the end of this very review here (even I don't know if the blog-runner as well as GREEN DESTROYED may anyhow like it or not, and so if anyone of them is maybe reading this and wants the link to be removed because this very blog of mine here isn't really that much PC at all and definitely have not and won't join forces with the AFA- as well as also not with the WP/NS retards- then just let me know it via leaving a comment or something like this and I'll take care of it asap). Okay, now directly and more precisely to GREEN DESTROYED from Northampton, Massachusetts. (Aren't the mighty WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM not also from out of this region? Maybe there are even some connections existing, after both bands also share somehow some ideological similarities?) GREEN DESTROYED is not a real band in a classical sense of the term band but it is more a one man project and this here is the very first output of GREEN DESTROYED for what I know and it is currently only to get via the mentioned download and there's also not a cover or something like this at this point, but it is planned to release this demo as a tape or so still this very year 2011 in a limited to one-hundred copies version and it seems like there are already much more songs of GREEN DESTROYED waiting to be released and to be completly recorded finally some more or less soon day and also a pretty strong change of the musical direction is to be announced, moving away from raging blast infernos to more atmospheric and ambient Black Metal stuff. But okay, that is all at this very moment only 'future-music' so let us take care of what we have here right now. And... even I have a lot of respect for the guy behind GREEN DETROYED for doing it all by his very own... but anyhow this here is incredible terrible stuff, period. I mean I like a lot of Black Metal even still today, from immortal larger-than-life legends like the almighty EMPEROR and MAYHEM and DARK THRONE to the most brutal and extreme Corpsepaint stuff maybe ever released like SETHERIAL and DARK FUNERAL and ENDSTILLE to in one way or another pretty 'proggy' and 'deathy' Black Metal masters like DISSECTION and MARDUK and TUNRIDA to just phenomenal legendary underground warhorses like TAAKE and ABIGOR and IN BATTLE, and also a lot of more or less total Underground Black Metal acts like SEEDS OF HATE (pure might), FIEND (great), WARLUST (pure aggression), VARGULF (at least their second album) and TOTAL HATE (great inferno set to music) I do really like, so you see, Black Metal is everything but a problem to me, hm, but this here, nah, come on... But okay, it's not all bad (even the very most of it) and so I will start with a general description of the music of GREEN DESTROYED, then I will tell what (at least in my personal subjective perception) does badly suck and then I will tell ya what works out already good so that after this all you know what you are about to do or not to do. So okay, GREEN DESTROYED gives us total lofi Black Metal full of frozen and blistering fast sawing guitars, more or less tight thundering drums, of a bass existing we better don't talk at all (remember that it is and stays Black Metal), and throaty scream vocals, and all is enriched with really intense atmospheric ambient parts and spoken word like passages. Really comparable acts aren't coming currently to my mind, sorry. The songwriting in its strongest moments works already pretty well and is really grapping, in its weaker (and most) moments it totally is a farce without any sense for arrangements, and yes, so close together do exist here light and darkness. The technical skills are often more than good... But anyhow, the total lofi production or better recording sound is really destroying nearly everything here. That isn't a sound anyhow, that's a bad joke. This might be damn "true" in the world of Black Metal (no matter if it's normal and real Black Metal or if it's NSBM or if it's RABM) but it anyhow sucks and even this here is a Demo this sound (even we shouldn't name it so anyway) really can't be meant serious. It really begins to give ya physical pains while listening to it and that especially in the fast blast speed parts and also this parts seem to be everything but tight (at lest maybe) due to this sound. Okay, after this it also sucks that the lead vocals sound like Donald Duck on a bad acid trip trying to rap over shitty Black Metal crap music coming in a total bullshit production respectively recording sound. Nah, this all can't be meant serious by GREEN DESTROYED after all. And this norse Black Metal like raging parts are also just crap because they are totally uninteresting, nongrapping and also completely out of tone (even this might just be because of this terrible sound). Terrible! But what already really works out good are the atmospheric ambient parts, they are very clever and intelligent arrangend and also totally grapping and creating a really intense atmosphere, and that's really damn good already. And yes, GREEN DESTROYED should really work more in this direction on future releases, no doubt about it. Just listen to the third song (btw we get four songs in total) named "TOO LATE... WHY", really a great one, and you will know what I mean and also how good GREEN DESTROYED can already be and how good they maybe will become one day. Okay, a total farce is the pseudo-hypnotic track "DOOMED TO EXTINCTION", total bullshit, period. While "ETERNAL WAR" and "SLAVE" are songs where all the light and all the darkness of and in the music of GREEN DESTROYED really shine through, for better or for worse... To the lyrics I can't say anything because I really don't understand anything (beside the slogan of eternal war in "ETERNAL WAR" and that is not much for a band or project that is founded on a through and through political approach), a artwork isn't existing and the sound... yes, the sound... So, all in all, if you listen to the music because of the music and not because of the ideology I can't imagine or think about anything why anyone should like to listen to this stuff (beside "TOO LATE... WHY"), no, not a single bit. A lot of work is waiting for GREEN DESTROYED to be done from here on, but at the starting point of their release career this is anything but a catastrophe. If you take care of the download by yourself you will know what I mean... even I can't imagine why you should do the download except the fact that you want desperatly to know what the RABM underground has to offer for you or maybe you have some masochistic affiliation that you want to satisfy via the music you use to listen to... ah, and okay, if you like atmospheric ambient Black Metal then download it because of the great song "TOO LATE... WHY"... but other reasons than that aren't given here if ya ask me. Hm, but it could be intersting how GREEN DESTROYED develops in the future, we will see it as time will tell it to us... Last notice: You need to have the real player downloaded and installed on your hard disk to play and listen to the songs. Don't know what I could or should write here more... (2 of 10 points)

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