Samstag, 6. August 2011

KING OF CLUBZ & PROVIDENCE - Beatdown Hardcore Split 2011

("Ratel Records"; CD):
Yeahr, finally some great split CD stuff that's crossing the starting line here again. If you're not a total nutjob than I would bet that you know both bands or at least the almighty KING OF CLUBZ already (if not, hm, then where the fuck did you lived the last years... at least if you say about yourself that you would be into Hardcore...), and that for some good reasons. And KING OF CLUBZ also start things off here. And how they do it? Fucking great! Mosh Tough Guy Beatdown Hardcore (with some but only very few metallic notes to it all) packed up full with great brutal and pretty diverse and more then 'just' well-versed guitar work, a pure gold and totally bulldozer going rampage rhythm section, incredible fat crew shouts, great lead vocals by two different singers (one brutal grunting shouter, one aggressive "Fuck you all! screaming shouter), spoken word samples, to the point tight and direct played breaks and beatdowns, suprising and demolishing grooves and mosh parts, fist in the air chorus/refrain parts, grapping songwriting with interesting and just great changes of rhythm, pace and structure of the songs, and truly damn fucking good technical skills of the musicians. It's all here, and that's really just awesome! To compare KING OF CLUBZ with other bands would be ridiculous, I mean, this band became some sort of a role model for a huge bunch of other bands like CIRCLE OF DEATH and many, many more, but like the old story goes the original (which means KING OF CLUBZ) remains unbeaten and still stands stronger than all, so they've left their giant mark on a whole style and scene and so I think I don't need to say any word more. If you've still did not got it: This is great! The lyrics rock and rule also, about standing your ground, not giving in to anyone or anything, keep up the fight, living by your own rules, and yes, also on the lyrical front everything is fine. The production sound is a monster, like the music, like the songs, like the lyrics... like the whole damn fucking band: KING OF CLUBZ, period. KING OF CLUBZ (btw, two songs they do give us here) do get ten out of ten points here, point and fact. Next up are PROVIDENCE. I'm not sure, I mean that I pretty much think that I've never listened to anything of them before is true and I'm pretty sure about this, but somehow the name of the band says something to me anyway... Okay, anhow, what we get from PROVIDENCE here? Exactly, Beatdown Hardcore with big Tough Guy guts, some metallic marks to it and some few Mosh potential in it, and down paced Beatdowns over down paced Beatdowns. And exactly here's what's going wrong with PROVIDENCE (as well as with a lot of other Beatdown Hardcore bands of today), they simply just didn't understand that songwriting means more than just row Beatdowns and Gangshouts on Beatdwons and Gangshouts and so on and on, and just some short a little bit up tempo going parts aren't enough to loosen it all up and to give the Beatdowns back their full power, force and potential. But okay, so bad like it now may sound PROVIDENCE aren't anyhow but they aren't also anyway some sort of a 'rival' or so for KING OF CLUBZ. But the forceful pushing guitar riffing, the tight and ultra-hard rhythm section, the brutal lead vocal shouts and also often the beatdowns and gangshouts work at least okay if not a good dose better than that. But it's just your ordinary Beatdown Hardcore band of today, really not bad and truly definitely solid good stuff, but also nothing that would make you start to think that you desperately need to have it anyhow. We get also two songs from them, lyrically your good old Beatdown Hardcore stuff, and the production sound is a nice little dirty gem. All in all PROVIDENCE get seven out of ten points. With the CD and the artwork (but why all the guys on the cover seem to be some sort of a local KKK chapter going nuts and/or rampage, haha;-)...?!?) "RATEL RECORDS" done a great job, period. So, anyhow, at least because of the almighty KING OF CLUBZ stuff you need to call this pretty great 7'' here your damn fucking own (but don't overlook PROVIDENCE" for so long), so go and get it asap. Great! (8,5 of 10 points)
(PS: Ah, and there's also an 7'' version of this release floaing around that I've totally missed out on, but maybe you're search will be a little bit more succesful... And it's prett cool that there's also a CD version of this split is floating around- add for all what I know it was released earlier than the CD version- beause you know my opinion, that split records should be first and foremost be released via vinyl, period. But, okay, at least get the CD version, if you have the same luck like me with getting your hands on the 7'', period, too.)

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