Sonntag, 21. August 2011

ONE MORE VICTIM - "DOMINION" (Deathcore from Russia, punishing the weak hearted in 2011)

("Gigawatt Music"; CD):
I did not think that I finally and still get some grapping and really damn good Deathcore to listen to today, after so many faceless let-downs and lately dissapointments, after seeing so many pioneers of the modern Deathcore style turncoating into nothing else but some oh so 'new' and oh so 'creative' so called Brutal Death (Metal) bands that are hyped so much today (like JOB FOR A COWBOY and/or THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, just for example) and even I have to admit that there are also Brutal Death (Metal) bands out there that I would really recommend to anyone who's into brutal, heavy, and extreme music I still truly think that this whole Brutal Death (Metal) style'n'stuff that was not at l(e)ast born out of modern Deathcore is not much more else than just a 'better' produced ripp off version of what technical very demanding, very gifted and skillful, damn hard'n'heavy, brutal and extreme Death Metal bands like first and foremost MORBID ANGEL (but we're NOT talking about the current crap album they've released currently this past months of this year 2011, NO, we are definitely NOT talking about this piece of shit packed on a CD...), as well as the almighty DEEDS OF FLESH and maybe also CANNIBAL CORPSE and stuff like MONSTROSITY (remember their 'proggy' and 'breaky' and 'tricky' mid 1990's album "MILLENIUM" and you will know why I list them here) used to kick off, and also not to forget about the founding force DYING FETUS and their still amazing Death Metal, Grindcore and Hardcore hybrid style and sound. But okay, anyhow, here's coming something really damn good and that's directly for you, if you are into Deathcore (and maybe Metalcore, Death Metal, Brutal Death, technical New School Thrash Metal, and other stuff like this as well) then you should check this roughnecks from good old Mother Russia out as soon as possible. What we get here is brutal and beating, punishing and aggressive, extreme and blasting, raging music between technical Death Metal, forceful Hardcore assaults, some few fluffy mosh and also catchy dance the fuck up parts (that should also make your ears start to ring in pleasure if you're into heavy Emo/Screamo music stuff of the better kind of that style), brutal stomping fist into the air beatdown parts, some good doses of melodies and symphonies (that remind of Melodic Death Metal, and sometimes also a very little Black Metal vibe comes into play here and there), intelligent song architectures and rhythm structures, fast and flowing and often done changes of the pace of the songs, clever arrangements, aggro violent dancing moments, yeahr, and all done with the highest technical skills of the musicians at their instruments and really and truly strong, interesting and grapping, demanding and ambitious, multi-layered songwriting, yes, that here is really a damn good album. Especially the really outshining guitar work is brilliant done shit, no matter if ya take the riffs, leads, solos or sheer little symphonies they spit out of the speakers of your stereo, then the to the point exactly playing rhythm section also truly stands out, and the different lead singers respectively lead singing styles (Death grunts, Hardcore shouts, clean vocal parts, and here and there also some few very good powerful female vocals to back it all up and so on) really giving this album its 'skylights'. Okay, let's get it straight and correct, they aren't inventing or discovering a new energy ressource on this one here as well as they aren't pushing (modern) Deathcore to new limits and heights, nah, but who cares about it at this current point, because what they do here with and on this album is giving this whole genre of (modern) Deathcore new life and with doing it so they also showcase that (modern) Deathcore was and is more than just some sort of "stair-step" from Metalcore and Death Metal to Brutal Death (Metal) but that it was and is instead of this a whole inetersting genre of its very own that really knows how to stand its ground. And that's maybe even more important today! If ya want to see this whole genre of the name of (modern) Deathcore being pushed over the edge to new limits and heights check out ALL SHALL PERISH, this class ONE MORE VICTIM don't own anyhow (at least not currently at the moment), but they are coming already in their strongest moments pretty close and anyway like I've written before what they are doing respectively what they have done here with "DOMINION" is maybe even more important these days around. So get this one here, period!!! Ah, and to make it complete, the artwork is really damn cool and also damn good stuf, the production sound is sheer might and power, and the lyrics are really pretty interesting stuff that you should also check out. So, yes, get it if you are a fan of (modern) Deathcore, yehp, then just get it, period!!! And all others: Give it a fair try, and this soon!!! (8 of 10 points)

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