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*** LIBERTY 37 - The PATRIOTS HAMMER swinging 'round, while every single traitor of the flag is shot dead with a GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD and we all get aware of the failed ambitions of the WELFARE STATE... ***

("B.H. Records"; CD):
Okay folks, up next is a review of a record that is already quite a big bunch of years old and so we can maybe call it a review of a classic - even a lot of you guys out there may have totally missed out on this one. Okay, to start from and with the beginning: The record is a 'baby' of the glorious 1990's and maybe we can locate it in the area of American Oi! music, at least more or less in one way or the other. The band was a 'follow-up-band' of the Detroit City based American Oi! legends ALMIGHTY LUMBERJACKS OF DEATH, the American R.A.C. band RIVAL, the American Oi!/Streetpunk band ROGUES (at least LIBERTY 37 shared some members with the mentioned bands and used to come out of that environment) and some guys of LIBERTY 37 are today around in the obscure occult Nazi White Power Metal band REBEL HELL (a White Power Nationalsocialist verion of MOTÖRHEAD mixed up with heavy doses of old school Trash Metal, for everyone of you out there who might be interestd in some stuff like this for what reasons ever...). All in all so you see that LIBERTY 37 are to be located on the right wing and pretty much already on the far corners of it. But for all what I would say then here's no WP/NS 14/88 stuff to be recognized by anyone of us (even I would bet that all the AFA homies as well as the WP dudes out there will find something to benefit their needs in handling this band), maybe beside the edition of "THE TURNER DIARIES" that they display as a part of their bandpicture (as well as a pretty cool old school KISS bandshirt, btw). Here you find 'just' patriotic (eventually nationalistic), militant, conservative, anti-liberal, anti-communist, and also 'anti-welfare-politics', 'pro-militia', 'anti-fire-weapon-control', 'anti-(mass-)immigration', 'pro-the-american-constitution', 'pro-heritage' (and I mean 'pro-heritage' and not 'pro-white') and 'anti-power-expansion-of-the-governemnt' focussed lyrics, also all very gladiatorial and - like already mentioned before - damn militant, and I have to say that they've done quite a great job with their lyrics, no matter if you like to read this here and now or not and also no matter if you may agree on everything or nothing or if you not agree, anyhow, great lyrics that also speak some good healthy doses of truth even if your standpoint may is a totally diffrent one and your consequences might also be total different ones then the one/-s of LIBERTY 37. Musically this is basically based on Oi!/Streetpunk heavy and brutal Rock music (which means also good old R.A.C. music) with some doses of Metal put into it. Ah, but the main-focus really lies on the Rock and also then after this on the Metal, not so much on the Streetpunk or Oi!, just that you know it. When I first listened to this record some years ago it blew me away right from the start, and still today it totally convinces me time and time again!!! Incredible heavy and hard and really brutal and totally real, yet damn melodic and catchy as fuck and packed up full with great suprises and all very dynamic and energetic as well as really incredible grapping, intense and interesting, just brilliant stuff, point and fact!!! Great guitar work, harsh and martial war-like riffing, as well as great melody lines and symphonic leads that really at first seem to stand opposed to the sheer aggression and the stoic brutality of the pushing and beating and battling guitar riffing but at second (and here second comes quick after first) you realize how great it's all flowing and how damn great they've melted it all together in a great and just 'made-round' way, and then there we have a pounding, forceful, very marking and present, tight and brutal rhythm section, and awesome charismatic, really hard (but still sung not shouted, maybe a little it spitted-into-the-mic) lead vocals that really shine. The pace of most of the songs is quite a pretty fast and up-tempo one but they change it clever and also the arrangements of the songs are done so damn great that none of the songs sounds the same and so really nothing gets anyhow boring, and that's just great. It graps you again and again when you listen to it. What a great band!!! I love it!!! We get 14 songs (not words, hehe;-)...) all in all on this one and my favorite ones are "ARMED OR ENSLAVED", "WELFARE STATE" (awesome, and also amazing lyrics, too), "BROKEN GLORY", "SPOILS OF WAR" (what a great intense atmosphere), "GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD", "TWO ROUNDS FOR SISTER SARAH", and the mighty stomping "PATRIOTS HAMMER", all are just pure platinum, but also the other songs are at least just pure gold, just damn fucking outstanding great, point and fact!!! To the - great - lyrics I've already said enough, the artwork (even it's pretty slim) looks really good and the earthy and dirty, yet good pushing production sound is also a hit of the jackpot. I have no idea about the obscure record label, hm, anyhow... I have no clue or idea from where the hell you might can get this one here still today but you should search it or at least keep one or two eyes open for it, and if you find or just see it then you really need to grab it because otherwise you would miss a phenomenal band and record. A stand-alone band and record!!! Awesome!!! Cheers & Oi! (10 of 10 points)
(Sorry, I wasn't able to fnd any link, Homepage, MySpace site, Facebook profile or what else ever of or to this band and I also found no other proper informations, sorry. And this is also even more extremly sad because I would love to let LIBERTY 37 become a part of the 'American Oi! History Series' here on this very blog but without more informations then the few ones I've given you here via the review this would be a stupid move to do... so if anyone knows more about this band please just let me know about it and get in contact with me on which way ever, thanks a lot guys.)

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