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BORN FROM PAIN - "WARFARE" ("This is the sound of survival. This is the sound of the truth. This is your world coming down on you.'')

(Running time: Five songs in sort of around ten minutes - or so...)
(Note: Released already back then in 2008 and on black vinyl under license to "METAL BLADE RECORDS".)
Review: Here and now comes a review on an already a little bit older release, the five song(s) 7'' EP "WARFARE" by the Hardcore Roughnecks of BORN FROM PAIN - released on black vinyl via "REAPER RECORDS" (under license to "METAL BLADE RECORDS") already back then in 2008, but after I just got my hands on it a few short weeks ago at the BORN FROM PAIN show that I attended back then my review on it is now coming up anyhow. Their current and more or less pretty much still brandnew album is a pure bomb and was reviewed by me up here just sort of a few days ago or so, and here's an older release of them that should, if I am now not totally in the wrong, date back to their "WAR" album days and should feature songs you can otherwise (maybe?) more or less find on this album, so I think, and like I wrote in the review on their current release "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL" I was never that much of a big fan of them - something that they've changed drastically with their new smasher - so excuse me when I am not all that correct with all the "WAR" dingle-dangle. Anyhow, here we get five songs at all that run on 33rpm and this for around ten to twelve minutes at all or something like this, the songs carry the titles of "SOUND OF SURVIVAL", "STATE OF MIND" (both on Side A), "SONS OF A DYING WORLD", "THE WOLVES ARE LOOSE", and "ZEITGEIST" (all on Side B), and this is or better was all done with their different singer that did his duties so far before with "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL" their original singer returned to BORN FORM PAIN, if I am now not (maybe again?) totally wrong, and the difference is pretty significant, because the higher pitched more screamed lead vocal shoutings on this very one here vary pretty much and give this songs a pretty different and own character in comparision with their newest offspring - and to be honest: The new BORN FROM PAIN material is simply so much stronger and more supreme compared to/with what they've done before like for example back then in 2008 here on their "WARFARE" 7'', and this not only because of the change at the microphone (but also because of it, at least a bit, as well). The style of the music is not so really different one, it was and is metallic and moshy no holds barred Hardcore for fans of bands like HATEBREED and FINAL PRAYER, to just name this two ones, and it is respectively was anyhow a decent deliverey by them also back then, no doubt about it, but miles away from their newest bomb and simply all in all not demanding and just not sharp and heavy, not stunning and not smashing enough - and also too much sort of just a stereotype of this certain style of up-to-date Hardcore music that lacked too much of an own identity and was just too exchangable (especially compared with what they delievered today) and also it lacked too much fresh ideas and interesting arrangements, the songwriting was just too much average and also pretty much similiar within each song. Beside this the guitars were also back then crushing and slashing, the drums marched and rolled like tanks over the fields, the bass roared mean and grim in the back, the vocals shouted and spitted rage and hate and disgust into the face of this plutocratic world, and the widescreen gang shoutings anyhow raised hell, all without a doubt. But it was simply, like already said, all too much stereotype and with this a little bit too lame and stale - and this also back then, that's why I never was such a big fan before - to be in the end more than just a solid good delivery. Same counts for the ambitious but pretty much cliché more or less political lyrics, while the artwork and the production sound had anyhow been pretty good and really strong works anyway. So, with all this said, if you are a vinyl collector and a BORN FROM PAIN die-hard fan and a through and through fan of above mentioned Hardcore style and you should still don't have this 7'' and you see it somewhere for a good price then grab and buy one - or risk an ear anyhow on it - but in the end you better save your money anyway and make sure to get a copy of their newest one "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL" - that's by far more important and miles ahead of what they've done before like for example on this 7'' EP vinyl disc. Best song and this means by far the best song on this one is without a doubt the mighty "SONS OF A DYING WORLD", the song on this little album that really sticks out, especially due to its grapping lead work and its overwhelming rhythm structure. The rest is solid and good stuff, but nothing you anyhow should or would desperately need as a part of your collection - even it's anyhow a really nice completion of your collection I guess. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
(Rating: 7 of 10 points)
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Update: Okay, did some researches, more or less by accident because "Prometheus" turned out to be a pretty crappy movie and so I found myself reading in the current "FUZE" magazine issues a current BORN FROM PAIN interview while the movie more and more just played in the background, so let me correct the passages where I was wrong: First their "new" and still current singer isn't their original singer or what-ever but "just" their "new" singer and their former bass player, so it seems, and he's on board as their singer since their album "SURVIVAL" and it seems that this EP, "WARFARE", was sort of a single of or for their "SURVIVAL" album - and I'm glad to see or better: hear how strong the vocals had developed since then, and the same is to say about the lyrics... and in general about the songwriting!!! Like I've said, before "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL" was released I never was sort of a fan or just really interested in BORN FROM PAIN, and so I'm sorry and I hope you excuse my mistakes that should be now all corrected. Okay, and I think this had been all mistakes that needed to be corrected and so I did, and so now I can finally go to bed and sleep well and calm. Good night and sleep well, more up here soon.

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