Samstag, 3. Januar 2015

METHOD OF PROOF - "TRUTHSEEKER" ("When it's time to throw the masks away you are all gone. You are nothing. Nothing but an empty shell. You mean nothing to me. You're more worse than a real enemy.'')

(Running time: 4 songs in around 10 minutes.)
(Note: It comes on black vinyl, don't ask me if there are or were maybe also any limited editions on colored vinyl out, I would say no, but who am I... but also I don't really care for it.)
Review: I bought this little 7'' sort of two or three weeks ago at the BORN FROM PAIN show I was at by the end of 2014, METHOD OF PROOF played there as one of three support acts - and they had been the only support band that convinced me with their music (more) and live performance (less), and so I bought their current 7'' EP titled "TRUTHSEEKER" (and it was also for just 5,00 Euros pretty cheap, so I couldn't make that much of a mistake with buying it), released via the to me so far new label "MIND CONTROL RECORDS" and I think it was released maybe some time in 2014 (but after the band and the label were unknown to me before and the artwork gives no year date I am not 100% sure, but I really think so - even I also don't feel the need to google for this here and now, sorry... not really... - , anyhow). So, okay, enough of the introducing dingle-dangle small talk stuff, now right and straight into the action, yes, so here we go: METHOD OF PROOF are a german Hardcore band from Saxonia that play sort of a New Old School Hardcore with some Metal ingredients in it that is maybe best to be located somewhere between BACKTRACK (also especially due to the pretty similiar lead vocals) as well as older TERROR and some very few MERAUDER impressions as well, even METHOD OF PROOF really don't come even just close to the named ones, not at least because they so far still simply lack the skills, the ideas, and just the quality as well as the attitude, and this is to say about their studio delivery here as well as about their live performance - and why everyone is talking about a what-so-ever BIOHAZARD influence is something I'll probably never ever understand because like BIOHAZARD or inspired or influenced by BIOHAZARD sounds here not a single little bit. But before this all now sounds too harsh, this is all at the end of the day a pretty good and a real solid release of metallic thrashing New Old School Hardcore especially for the fans of current bands like BACKTRACK and/or TERROR (even METHOD OF PROOF seem to have always the grip brake in use) full of harsh sawing heavy guitars, dry throated hard lead vocal shoutings, loud crew back up chants, powerful punching drumming, buzzing bass work, and heavy grooves here and there loosen up by some down paced parts as well as some up tempo moments and all the time the direction is straight "Mosh!!! Mosh!!! Mosh!!!" - METHOD OF PROOF showcase a lot of potential and pretty good and strong basic approaches but so far they don't take it further on the next needed steps and also I miss basically every own identity, so okay, let us see with what they will come up next time around. The stereotyped boring up-to-date artwork looks totally like Hipster "Hardcore", and the lyrics also go in this direction with their ''truth-seeking'' (uhm...) childish desolate and naive negative direction... I'm too old for this stuff and so I'll spare me and you here and now every word more about it... while the production sound is pretty heavy and smashing, so thumbs up for it. So all in all here we do have a young band with surely a lot of potential, let's hope they showcase and especially proof more of this the next time around - if you have the chance and can see them live somewhere near you then give them the chance and go there, even their singer/frontman acts too shy up on stage they deliver a decent performance, at least as long as not half of the band (if not even more) stand and play their songs with their backs to the audience... A solid release - and nothing more; and so is the outcome up here, like their output, yes - and nothing more... HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
(Rating: 7 of 10 points)
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