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METAL INQUISITOR - "ULTIMA RATIO REGIS" ("An epic story of war and peace, we want the bastards on their bloody knees. Soldiers of fortune, the swords to feel, we give command now their skins to peel!'')

(Note 1: I have the limited edition on white vinyl in a great Gatefold-package - and this rules, oh yes!!!)
(Note 2: This album is also released on CD as well as on black vinyl - also as a Gatefold-LP.)
This album was in any way a very nice surprise that happened at the very end of 2014, and it happened really totally surprising. METAL INQUISITOR had so far always been a band that I always just knew by their name but I had never heard or listened to a record or even just a single song alone of them so far, and so I had not a single little clue that this very album here, their newest strike titled "ULTIMA RATIO REGIS", even exists - untill the changing of the years 2014/2015 happened and my girlfriend and I together with a bunch of our very good friends celebrated this happening in the city of Braunschweig and our first destination was the Metal'n'Punk'n'Rock & Roll bar of the name of "KLAUE" (a damn cool and very sympathic through and through Rock & Roll Hellhole that you should stop by when you're on a trip to Braunschweig, great guys and a cool location and first class musick non stopp - and also very fair and low prices and this combined with strong drinks) and there we participated just for fun (and because one of our group aimed at winning as many alcohol-shots as only possible, hehehehe...;-)............) in a raffle/tombola and we've all won really a damn lot of different cool stuff, and my main-price, if you want so, was this album on white vinyl coming in a drop-dead gorgeous Gatefold-package/artwork, and what shall I say, the next day after my girfriend and I finally enjoyed the more than well-deserved sleep of the righteous ones at home I used to put this LP on rotation and it should very soon been set on heavy rotation by me - and so and there it remained so far untill now: on heavy rotation. This is really just a total ruling surprise, and this like already written in pretty much every way, and I start to think more and more that it maybe was a huge mistake that METAL INQUISITOR had always never been on my radar so far which means untill now... anyhow... finally this changed, yes, oh hell yeahr. Just by looking at the bandname and the (damn great Gatefold) artwork I think there's no need to discuss what we have here, because: Heavy fuckin' Metal is the order here and now!!! This is damn great NWOBHM of very, very high quality, of damn great quality, and when you listen to the album and the LP spins its rounds you right from the start realize that this is through and through honest, authentic, and heartfelt music full of passion, heart, and soul and it's all also damn fresh and exciting done, so don't ever come up with any retro or vintage or any bullshit like this, because this simply misses the point, it misses this band and album. This is strong, powerful, fresh and high classed, old school kept but totally up-to-date played and done Heavy Metal with a strong british stamp on it with some few teutonic Heavy Metal marks in it as well, to be located somewhere between IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST on the one side, and some RUNNING WILD and maybe ACCEPT on the other side with here and there some great BLACK SABBATH (to there DIO days) and (of course also) DIO notes thrown in the mix for pure excitment as well, and the outcome is one hell of a great grapping and forceful, exciting and glorious and damn stand-alone Heavy Metal Hellride with a very own character and that's just incredible strong chaining-you-up while listening to it, hell yeah', and trust me, this songs will make your fists raise to the air, your throat shout out loud, and your head bang fuckin' hard right from the start in sort of an automatic way, it's just great. Expect fiery guitars, furious galloping drums, rumbling bass work, and fantastic and also damn charismatic vocals, thundering rhythms, great song architectures, strong arranged verses and mighty refrains and truckloads full of great ideas and nice surprises, especially the guitar department delivers one goody after another and offers a very inspirated as well as also inspirating riffing and also especially lead and solo playing without end. It seems that a lot of guys outta there miss straight-up hymns on this album, hm, but this is a problem that I simply can't see or hear, so forget about it. If Side B would not be a little bit weaker than its counterpart this album would be just fantastic, but also so it's a incredible great album and one of the most sympathic, authentic, and just straight-up great (traditional) Metal albums of our days. We also get cool and strong lyrics, a true bomb of a production sound, and a drop-dead gorgeous and ruling artwork. My favorites are nearly all five songs on Side A, "CONFESSION SAVES BLOOD", "BURN THEM ALL", "CALL THE BANNERS" (the absolute über-hymn!!!), and "BOUNDED SURFACE", as well as "DEATH ON DEMAND", "SERVANT OF STATE", and the true bright shining and high rising star of an epic Heavy Metal song titled "SECOND PEACE OF THORN" on the B Side, so maybe start your discovery of "ULTIMA RATIO REGIS" with this gems, even the few not mentioned songs come in close behind. Ah, and just for the record, here are really skilled musicians at work that also know how to write damn fucking great songs, just to point that out clearly one last time more. So, okay, I think I've wrote it all down for you, so now it's up to you, I can only recommend this album to you and this very high and very strong, so just go out and buy it if you ask me what you now should do, period. And never forget and so always do so: Bang that head that doesn't bang, go!!! /// Andy
(Rating: 9 of 10 points)
(Band-Homepage: - Just copy this link into the headline of a new browser-tab and then just go there promptly.)

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