Freitag, 13. Oktober 2017


(Running time: 41:04 minutes; 11 songs)
("Century Media Records"; 2017; CD):
Hey folks, back on track again. A little bit 'exhausted' after today again new ink was 'integrated' into my body, yes, but all is (more than) fine. And look, we are also finally back in 2017, review-wise, like promised/announced. So, okay, here we now have the current 2017 release of/by the legendary BODY COUNT titled "BLOODLUST" and released via (the german based) "CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS". My last encounter with them... whoooaaa... it's decades ago and was and still is named "BORN DEAD", a true classick. The first two BODY COUNT albums were and are absolutely killer records in my book and of pretty huge importance for/to me and my personal 'development'. Don't ask me why I lost them then out of sight, and even the precursor album, hm, I think titled "MANSLAUGHTER" or so and released one or two or so years ago, sort of, totally flew under my radar. And then 2017 hit the scene and I listened to almighty "THIS IS WHY WE RIDE" and "NO LIVES MATTER" via YouTube for the first time and then... fuck it... then it was damn fucking clear that I definitely would need to call this Album finally my own again. And so I did. And fuck this damn bloody world but how great BODY COUNT's "BLOODLUST" is, what a monster of an album, yes, absolutely a masterpiece, and this lyric- and musicwise. This is one hell of a great and fantastic Crossover fusion out of Hardcore, (Thrash) Metal, Hardcore Punk, and Rap, melted together in a total devastating and in every sense and way more than "just" relevant Crossover Metal cocktail that takes no prisoners and knows no regrets. ICE-T and 'his crew' are back, and perhaps sort of better than ever. Crushing and smashing and yet still very diverse and soul- and playful guitars really shine on the whole album, no matter if in (pretty organic) grooving and catchy anthems like the larger-than-life "THIS IS WHY WE RIDE" or in incredible shredding and sawing purest through and through SLAYER-esque sledgehammer Thrash Metal slashers like the breathtaking "RAINING IN BLOOD/POSTMORTEM 2017" or in fantastic harsh yet hymnal as fuck and often Beatdown fueled beasts of songs like "THE SKI MASK WAY", "NO LIVES MATTER", "BLOODLUST", or "BLACK HOODIE" or in an sort of epic killer song like the mighty opener "CIVIL WAR" featuring MEGADETH mastermind Dave Mustaine, all is done high skilled, incredible intense, very diverse and multi-layered as hell, soul- and playful, yes, and still it's all the time beefy and bulky, bonesmashing and headcracking on one hell of a demolishing level.  Beside the totally blasting guitars the fantastic and so incredible unique and charismatic lead (Rap) vocals delivered by ICE-T and nicely backed up by very strong co-vocal(ist)s and broad and fat widescreen gang back up chants are the next biggest marking trademark of BODY COUNT's "BLOODLUST", and for all the right reasons. The totally precise, versatile, and massive to the point played and delivering rhythm section then is the final puzzle-piece rounding "BLOODLUST" in an impressive way up. The songwriting is not only incredible intense and done in a high skilled way, but also very fresh and just damn strong, and that this fine gentlemen know how to play should be clear anyway anyhow. The lyrics are very strong and outspoken, political, critical, and socially aware, yes, and all on a very high level of quality, I love it. ICE-T and BODY COUNT in best form, in absolute best form, and this lyricwise and musicwise, point and fact. A very sinister artwork, that's a perfect match to/for/with the very tight dark, angry, pissed off, militant, gladiatorial, and intense atmosphere of "BLOODLUST", and a full and heavy first class production sound then round the complete package finally up. My personal favorites are "THIS IS WHY WE RIDE" (my absolute favorite), "NO LIVES MATTER", "BLOODLUST", "BLACK HOODIE", "CIVIL WAR" (featuring MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine), "THE SKI MASK WAY", "ALL LOVE IS LOST" (featuring SOULFLY's & the CAVALERA CONSPIRACY's very own Max Cavalera himself), and "RAINING IN BLOOD/POSTMORTEM 2017", so maybe check out this songs first - but in all honesty, nearly every song is a total killer, and only "GOD. PLEASE BELIEVE ME" isn't really kicking me, hm, but maybe that's just me. So, yes, any fan of Hardcore (Punk), (Thrash) Metal, Rap (Metal), and Crossover (Hardcore/Metal) should get his/her/their hands on BODYCOUNT's "BLOODLUST" because this is for sure one of this year's highlights for all of you, and with saying this I mean for all of us. And so, yes, enough words had been spent, for sure, so go out and (finally) get it as soon as possible. Damn fucking great!!!
(9,5 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band, do and check it out)



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