Sonntag, 29. Oktober 2017


(Running time: 40:18 minutes; 12 songs)
("Century Media Records"; 2017; CD + DVD):
Okay folks, I guess it's been again already a while since my last post up here saw the light of the day, hm, two weeks or so I guess, so yes, it's really about time I finally give you some new food up here, okay, and so I will now do, yes, and so here comes the next post what means the next record review and this time you get my review on the new 2017 full length album by/of BROKEN HOPE, the legends of brutal Death Metal blasting out of Chicago, Illinois/USA finally again. I can't really remember how long it's been since I listened to the last new BROKEN HOPE album but it's been a long while since then. Their 2013 'comeback' album "OMEN OF DISEASE"  is still to  this very day unknown to me and so their last album that I listened to when it was released was their 1999 slasher "GROTESQUE BLESSINGS", yes, this was back then when I was 18 years young... damn it... and now in 2017 with being 36 years and already a half year old "MUTILATED AND ASSIMILATED" appeared and this to me pretty much out of nowhere and, you know what... it totally conquered me like way back when I was 18 years young... and even more, because, yes, Old School for sure but damn fresh and alive/lively and without any lame and stale retro bullcrap, oh boy, what a devastating and intense and suprisingly fresh and totally relevant/up-to-date album it is, hell yeahr!!! This is powerful and massive U.S. Death Metal with a very strong own identity varying between totally devastating blast speed 'slaughterfests' and every resistance into the ground smashing fast raging up tempo parts to absolutely no prisoners taking mosh and slam parts and sinister and sick down paced moments, all enriched in a fantastic way by/with weird and sickening, totally mind blowing guitar leads, symphonic-to-'dissymphonic' harmonies (the leads as well as the riffs), and guitar solos, delivered in the form of fantastic and despise all the ultra-heavyness and sheer massive brutality yet still and all the time very diverse and multi-layered songs done by high skilled musicians and delivered via very, very strong songwriting. Prepare yourself for atomizing guitars, deep grunted and harsh growled lead vocals, and a tight and damn brutal hammering rhythm section, as well as totally fresh ideas and surprises and especially the guitars really shine in a bright sinister and sick, aggressive and mean, pissed off, nasty light. The songs are very diverse and multi-layered, it happens really a lot in them, you should really invest some time in BROKEN HOPE's "MUTILATED AND ASSIMILATED" to really get it all, hell yeahr, and trust me when I say that this is time wisely invested and spent. And what really makes this album even better at the end of the day is that it is incredible intense from start to finish, over the complete running time, over the whole distance. Also it breaths a very own stunning brutal and weird sick atmosphere and spirit right from the get-go and also over the whole distance. And with the brilliant guitar outro of the phenomenal "MALICIOUS MEATHOLES" we also get some very strong and cool Jazz impressions. A beautiful sickening artwork, absolutely over the top and great lyrics, and a very heavy and bombing production sound finally make it all round. Ah, and we also get a mind-blowing "SWAMPED IN GORE" and "GOREHOG" medley as the finishing track of the album. Superb!!! Okay, I think I've said so much anything that I had to say about BROKEN HOPE's "MUTILATED AND ASSIMILATED", yes, this is just a damn great release that I can only highly, highly recommend to any fan of good and real Death Metal in general and of brutal U.S. Death Metal in particular and also of really brutal and truly extreme musick in general as well. My personal favorites are currently "THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT SHIT", "MUTILATED AND ASSIMILATED", "OUTBACK INCEST CLAN", "MALICIOUS MEATHOLES", "THE CARRION EATERS", "HELL'S HANDPUPPETS", and the larger than life "SWAMPED IN GOREHOG" medley. But also the not mentioned (anyhow only few) tracks are anyhow damn fucking strong slashers. So, yes, if you still don't know or have it, why the bloody hell ever, you should make sure to finally change this as soon as possible and this best right now. Ah, and btw, the package also comes with a DVD that conatins the 2015 "OBSCENE EXTREME" gig of BROKEN HOPE and that's a really nice 'goody'. This is great, this is the real deal, this is Death fuckin' Metal!!!
(9 of 10 Points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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