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(Running time: 33:47 minutes; 15 songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records"; 2016; CD):
Okay, after August turned out to be sort of an un-official Rock/Hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Metal month up here and in September only came one post/review up here, also Blues/Rock, and the two posts/reviews of this current month, October, so far were also Rock and Metal I really felt like it's time to bring some violence back up here, finally again, and before finally more Oi!, Punkrock, Hardcore, and Streetpunk albums (beside also some great Death Metal and Death Core stuff + also a big bunch of reviews on current releases that I so far used to hold back... because last month was anyhow planned to be at least a bit more active up here then... anyway...) will come up here, review-wise, we will now have a close look on and some even closer listens in(to) the so far still current album of the godfathers of Crust/Crustcore/D-Beat and I am talking 'bout DISCHARGE's "END OF DAYS" from 2016 released via the german "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" label. I love Crust/Crustcore/D-Beat, once it was sort of one of my most favorite music styles outta there (and I still simply "just" love it), after I grew into it through my (strong-ongoing) love-love-relationship with (especially british) Hardcore Punk like for example THE EXPLOITED, G.B.H., CHAOS U.K. or THE VARUKERS; and from this heroes and legends the step to DISCHARGE, as my first Crust/Crustcore/D-Beat band ever, was (and still is) a very close and short one. So when last year "END OF DAYS" was (finally) released it was pretty clear for me that I definitely would need to have DISCHARGE newest offspring in my collection. Yes, and so I did. And now we have 2017 and finally we sit here, yes, right now I am writing this review, a bit later or sort of you will (finally be able to) read it; so, yes, now more than enough of the introducing smalltalk and now finally straight into the action, yes, and so here we go: DISCHARGE are back and they fire out of all barrels, "END OF DAYS" kicks off with the über-hit "NEW WORLD ORDER" followed by the evil slasher "RAPED AND PILLAGED" and the two harsh Crust/Crustcore/D-Beat sledgehammers "END OF DAYS" (a.k.a. the title-track) and "THE BROKEN LAW" and both tracks conquer in a supreme and total way  with stunning energy and pissed off honest aggression as well as catchy lead guitars and huge sing-a-long potential. A great start for the "END OF DAYS". DISCHARGE surely don't invent anything new with "END OF DAYS" but who could or would or should have expected this, come on, because I mean Crust/Crustcore/D-Beat is sort of a pretty strict defined sub-genre of Hardcore and Punk and DISCHARGE pretty much sort of invented it all, so yes, but we all could expect that DISCHARGE deliver and deliver the goods and that they succeed in breathing "ongoingly" new life, fresh air, and pure energy into this beloved intense kind of musick - and so they do/did with "END OF DAYS". Dustdry shredding and bonecracking heavy guitars push the songs "mercylessly" forward, pure energy and harsh raging dynamics, all the time delivering skullsmashing riffs and grooves and all sort of without end but also shine with great "up-freshing" leads and very strong solos, hell yeah', the guitars really hammer the songs into our heads and are definitely a very strong trademark of DISCHARGE's "END OF DAYS"; and this for all the right reasons. The pissed off and powerful shouted and yet surprisingly and "refreshingly" very clear and clean delivered vokillz then are the next strong trademark of this slashing album, very charismatic and forceful and delivering also great sing-a-long parts that really shine in this brutal musick cocktail. The ass-tight rhythm section, damn precise and incredible to the point played, then adds the mighty punch that's definitely needed to really push this kind of musick forward and trust me, oh hell yeahr, when I say that there are no prisoners being taken. Any fan of THE EXPLOITED, TOTAL CHAOS, DISCHARGE, DISGUST, SKIT SYSTEM, GENOCIDE SS, etc. pp. definitely will love "END OF DAYS", point and fact, and MOTÖRHEAD and THE HOOKERS fans who are also into very heavy Punk should also give it a good round. The songwriting is very strong, offering nice little-big twists and turns along the ride and shining with some cool fesh ideas like for example a pretty strong focus on melodic song arrangements (like for example in the riffing department) and very catchy, melodic solos, and a strong dirty Rock & Roll approach to it all, and not to forget the very anthemic/hymnal character of the very most of the songs on "END OF DAYS". And all is delivered by skilled musicians with a lot of heart, soul, and passion, and with so much fresh energy and an authentic attitude so that DISCHARGE's "END OF DAYS" is a totally relevant and up-to-date record and in no way a lame, stale, "retroish" album that's trying to recatch some old glory done by old farts, hell no, this is a brutal sledgehammer straight smashing into your damn face leaving it a bloody mess, a wake up call, an alarm bell ringing, in short: This is CRUSTCORE, period. Surely not all songs shine in gold, but also surely the most of them. Militant and pissed off, critical and aggressive, left-winged and mostly very strong'n'good lyrics, a cool sinister artwork, and a hard and heavy yet very clear and transparent production sound then finally round it all up in an all positive way. So all in all this is clearly recommended by me to/for you, yes, and so if you really still don't have or know it you should definitely finally change this and get your damn hands on it and then play it damn fucking loud. Because you know, I don't always listen to Crustcore, but when I do so do my neighbours.
(8,5 of 10 Points) (-the link to the homepage of the band, check it out)


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