Freitag, 27. April 2018


(Running time: 41:47 minutes; 11 songs)
("Metalspiesser Records"; 2018; CD):
Hey guys, yes, belive it, it's true, the next dose is coming already aiming right at'n'for you and here and now this means that you right now and right here get my (newest) record-review on the new and for all what I know so far second full-length-album "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" of the young german band FORMLOS rocking out of the town of Thale pretty near to/from where I live and it was released pretty to very recently on/via the so far to me totally unknown "METALSPIESSER RECORDS" label. (Btw, also FORMLOS were totally unknown before "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" to me.) "METALSPIESSER RECORDS"? Hm, do give us FORMLOS some kind of Metal? Nah, here we have and get a through'n'through German Rock album - and a surprisingly fresh and good one I have to admit. FORMLOS have a very strong and own, a pretty and really unique character and identity. Surely some influences are more or less clear to be heard and it are bands like KÄRBHOLZ and some FREI.WILD that come to my mind when I listen to FORMLOS' "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" but they do it all already (for it is just their second full length release so far) really and very self-contained and, if you want so, pretty 'independently' with a strong focus on really huge and (for all what I can and would say) honest emotions that shine through in the very atmospheric rocking music as well as also in the somehow mostly really fresh and sort of massively surprisingly clicheé-free lyrics. It is not that the lyrics are sort of totally 'alien'-stuff in the world and context of German Rock and instead of this they are mostly to completly more or less typical German Rock stuff but they are delivered and worked out linguistically in a very fresh, very unique, and also pretty to very clicheé-free way and that's just really, really damn good. The same is to say to/about the music that's slightly melancholic and with some 'good' pathos (but thankfully never in an overboarding way) presented mostly through'n'through pretty much 'pure' and maybe just here and there a very little bit slightly 'punky' German Rock but that's filled with very huge heartfelt emotions that also reflect in the very own and sort of pretty 'special' tone of the fresh and strong rocking guitars that mark the songs and the music of FORMLOS (at least here on "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" in 2018) heavily as well as also in the pretty fresh structured and arranged in an 'independently' way compositions on this little shining silver disc that manage to really shine with a big rousing potential even with that somewhat melancholic vibe that's interwoven into the songs and the music. And even if not every song or every part knows to convince or conquer the by far most parts and songs know how to and do so and if FORMLOS should work on some more pace diversity and also some more rhythm variations in the future it surely will only get even better. But anyhow, from my point of view any fan of good German Rock should know (about) FORMLOS and their damn strong "LASS UNS FLIEGEN" album that's beside the already mentioned very strong and unique guitar playing especially marked by the surely pretty outstanding lead vocals that are full and powerful sung and just beautifully clear and melodic and also very emotional and just 'press on stamp' heavily. The pretty crashing rhythm section is then backing it all up in a pretty beefy and bulky way. Really good lyrics, a very cool artwork, and a clear and yet warm wafting production sound round it all up. I can calmly recommend this to if you are into German Rock and also to everyone looking for honest and emotional Rock music in general, yes, and so I do here and now and so go out and look for it.
(8 of 10 points) (-the link to the facebook site of the band)


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