Donnerstag, 19. April 2018


(Running time: 62:26 minutes; 17 songs)
("Rookies & Kings" + "D.O.R." & "Soulfood"; 2018; CD):
Yes, here it is, damn it, we're rampaging on loud'n'proud right here and right now going strong in 2018 and then also the glorious boys from the east are back: GOITZSCHE FRONT finally deliver us their newest full-length-album "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" (released still pretty recently, more or less, two months ago right in the middle of February 2018), the successor-album to/of their strong 2016 full-length-album "MONUMENT" (I did my review on it last year up here), and... by the way, I'm currently trying (finally again) to 'shorten' my record-reviews a good bit and so don't you wonder but straight and direct into it all... while "MONUMENT" was (and still is) pretty to damn strong (and this without a single little doubt then and now) in my book "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" easily 'beats' ist predeccessor-album and comes up or is already nearly pretty much 'on-par' with their (at least so in my book) so far groundbreaking masterpiece "...AUS RUINEN", such a damn fucking strong asskicker it simply is, point and fact. Anyone who is bitching around because'n'about this whole and still currently strong going German Rock stuff that is now since a decade or so 'ongoingly' on the rise with bands like the (al-)mighty KRAWALLBRÜDER, FREI.WILD (their new album is a huge surprise, damn it, absolutely unexpected, stay tuned for my review on it), KÄRBHOLZ, and a big bunch of other bands, yes, anyone bitching around because of this bands shut up and read on or read something else, how you like it, because surely there exist tons of absolute bullcrap bands in this genre with maybe more, maybe less shady 'political-unpolitical' agendas but a.) where not and b.) not all and c.) not everyone who has a different opinion than you is 'automatically' a nazi. And with that said and so out of the way: GOITZSCHE FRONT are damn fucking back and with "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" they deliver one hell of a new masterpiece album that's especially in its very own genre (at least currently) pretty much unrivaled. The (German) Oi! and (German) Punk/Punkrock roots are only as footprints still around this days but if you listen with attention you can still get them being proud parts of GOITZSCHE FRONT's DNA as a band and here and there we get also pretty harsh Metal influences (especially the guitars lead here and there in a harsh thrashing manner the way) and (sort of thankfully) the slightly Emo Pop styled influences that here and there marked "MONUMENT" quite a bit are not really to be found here on "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" anymore. Call it German Rock or just Rock or Hard Rock or how-ever the hell else, because that's not that important after all, but what's important is that this is high octane and full throttle, forceful and no prisoners taking, quite a bit metallic and slightly Oi!-punky Rock & Roll with (strong) german lyrics delivered by powerful, full, and highly charismatic 'german' lead vocals (backed up by loud backings) marked by very strong, skilled, multi-facetted, highly dynamic, and rousing songwriting and it's especially just great that the high-energetic verses are as strong as the ultimative catchy and hymnal chorus', yes, that's how I like it. And something that's also exactly how I like it is the fact that GOITZSCHE FRONT has their very own and pretty unique style'n'sound, sounding like no other band but themselves, and that unique style'n'sound they cultivated and enriched even far more here on and with "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" right in 2018. Strong and diverse, rich and skilled delivered guitars, rumbling bass playing, and thundering drumming make'n'mark the songs together with the above already mentioned top notch lead vocals (and also the massive backings), delivering powerful punches full of drive and packed up full to the max with honest and intense emotions and shining with tight atmospheric arrangements. Heartfelt lyrics straight out of life, a pretty cool artwork, and a crushing production-sound round it all up. My favorites are clearly "STREICHHOLZ UND BENZIN", "N.S.O.W.", "DIESE WELT", "HOL DIR DEN AUGENBLICK ZURÜCK", "UNSERE FAHNEN WEHEN", "1000 KILOMETER", "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED", "ICH BIN ZURÜCK", and "IN ALTER MANIER" and this are songs that I honestly love and so maybe check this hymns out first - but also with the other here and now not mentioned tracks you won't make any mistake. Only the (for/to me) too cheesy ballad  "TAG DES REGENS" I totally dislike, hm, but maybe that's just me, who knows. Highly recommended and I'm pretty sure that GOITZSCHE FRONT will have delivered with "DEINES GLÜCKES SCHMIED" one of the definite highlights of/in/for 2018 and so just go out and get it. Cheers & Oi!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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