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(Running time: 32:51 minutes; 9 songs)
("Nuclear War Now Productions"; 2015; CD):
Hey guys, I hope your easter(n)-days were so far as great as mine and after currently I have a little bit of time that I can spend with doing some new stuff up here, yes, and so I now do. Continuing sort of an old tradition up here you now get a record-review on an already a bit older release on which I got my hands more or less recently and this time things are about to become damn extreme up here with now all being about the 2015 compilation-rerelease CD release "30 YEARS OF AGONIZING THE DEAD" of/by none other than the legendary SADISTIK EXEKUTION, the glorious Extreme Metal sickos from the continent and country down under known as Australia. SADISTIK EXEKUTION called it in or around 2004 a day (sadly enough) but if this wouldn't have been the case then they would have been around for 30 years back then in 2015 and this was taken (thankfully and rightfully) as a proper chance to show them some honour and pay them some tribute still eleven years and so over an decade after going seperate ways by the canadian roughnecks of "NUCLEAR WAR NOW PRODUCTIONS" who rereleased in 2015 the first two SADISTIK EXEKUTION demos "SUSPIRAL" from 1991 and the infamous "AGONIZING THE DEAD" from 1992 all together and compiled it on this CD together with the "DEMON WITH WINGS" EP from 1996 and the (at least to me) pretty 'obscure' "SADISTIK ELEKTROLUTION" EP from 1997 and titled it all (pretty good fitting) "30 YEARS OF AGONIZING THE DEAD", hell yeahr, and after I finally bought it sort of more or less directly one month ago at the TANKARD gig here in Goslar at the very early beginning of March 2018 here we now are with me doing a little review on it for you and also showing this way my tribute as well as my love for SADISTIK EXEKUTION and their chaotic and extreme Metal the australian way, yes, and so now here we go: SADISTIK EXEKUTION served us one hell of a raw and rough, harsh shredding, angry sawing, and heavy slashing, pretty sick and sort of chaotic mixture out of noisy and roudy Death Metal with some good doses of old school very early really pissed-off and evil-nihilistic and incredible raw Black Metal and all melted together with brutal force and (again) damn raw and by all means fucking rough'n'tough Death Grind and sick'n'morbid Grindcore with some thrashing notes to it all (especially in the guitar department and especially on the latter tracks) and all served with a sort of a 'punky' direct approach, damn it, and I really think that terms or categories like 'just' Extreme Metal or maybe even 'simple' Chaos Metal really match(ed) SADISTIK EXEKUTION pretty well. But don't make the mistale and think that this would (have) be(en) just unstructured noise, hell no, because SADISTIK EXEKUTION knew very well how to write proper and real songs with a lot of grapping moments and in all the brute force and raw extremity of the musick we find all the time elements and moments that can be described by no terms better than 'simply' catchy hooks and the hellish raging inferno that SADISTIK EXEKUTION used and knew to unleash on us with overwhelming force and deadly precision showcased right from the beginning a very strong own identity and unique character and this you can perfectly experience here with this rerelease compilation titled "30 YEARS OF AGONIZING THE DEAD", hell yeahr, and still sort of torturing their instruments in a damn proper way SADISTIK EXEKUTION also knew how to execute. And also let me mention that the levels of energy and intensity are incredible high and that this early material of/by SADISTIK EXEKUTION still today doesn't need to shy away from anything/anyone and this (to point it out one more time) even not today, yes, and I would really and deseperately wish that we sort of would have at least one band like this again around today in this our far too often far too stereotypical and by all means by far too often over-digitalized and so (sort of) definitely 'über-sterelized' day and age. SADISTIK EXEKUTION had back in the day the reputation of being one of the extremest and sickest and personally I would add one of the most unique bands in Extreme Metal and this 'twisted' spirit of them this rerelease compilation catches perfectly, especially also because the sound quality isn't anyhow noticeable overworked and so expect a fucking raw crushing and from featured release to featured release pretty varying production or recording sound and this CD benefits massively from this, yes, and I also love how you can experience quite a strong development from the two early demos to the later releases (even "SADISTIK ELEKTROLUTION" and I somehow never were the biggest of friends and so also still not that much today, why the damn fucking bloody hell ever). Anyone into thrashing and blackened, chaotic and damn extreme, also sort of pretty sick and raw and rough grinding Death Metal massively driven and mercylessly pushed... hammered forward(s) by no prisoners taking harsh sawing and stunningly heavy shredding guitars, whipping bestial screamed, shouted, and throaty grunted sick vocals, roaring bass lines, and skullfucking drumming really should need to know (and then will damn fucking love) SADISTIK EXEKUTION and this devastating rerelease compilation CD that comes also with a gorgeous and authentic artwork and with an as a bonus added cool interview and a lot of old photos and flyers and orginal artwork(s) (no lyrics printed but you somehow still understand them pretty good and I think that you already anyway have a pretty good imagination of what SADISTIK EXEKUTION served to us on the 'lyrical front') could serve you as a perfect starting point if you want to discover SADISTIK EXEKUTION to/for you and to anyone who's already into SADISTIK EXEKUTION but doesn't own (like me, myself, and I) all the original releases (that are compiled on this rerelease) I can also only recommend SADISTIK EXEKUTION's "30 YEARS OF AGONIZING THE DEAD" and so I do here and now, hell yeahr, and so, yes, better just get it as soon as possible and then: "PLAY IT AT VOLUME OF ONE THOUSAND ARMAGEDDONS OR DIE!!!"
(8,5 of 10 points) (-don't ask me if this facebook site is an official one or not but at least there's this one)


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