Sonntag, 13. August 2017


(Running time: 53:34 minutes; 13songs)
("Reprise Records"; 2015; CD):
Yes, despite the in the "end-note" of the earlier post today mentioned "private-troubles" I am at least trying to get "this one" up and ready still right today. And "this one" is finally my record-review on the 2015 and so far still current DISTURBED full-length-album "IMMORTALIZED", released via "REPRISE RECORDS" (a "subdivision" or how-the-hell-you-may-call-it-else of the "WARNER MUSIC GROUP") and featuring thirteen tracks running through in nearly fifty-four minutes. I simply love DISTURBED from "day-one" on and they became very importnat for me especially over the last three to five years and so I was stoked when back in 2015 "IMMORTALIZED" finally came crushing in, after four (far-too-long) years of silence. When they then finally came back with "IMMORTALIZED" I was damn enthusiastic and also nicely surprised, yes, DISTURBED still were/are DISTURBED with their über-mighty every resistance into the ground crushing massive yet still nicely varying/diverse grooving rhythm (guitar) work, the fantastic together-working and incredible strong tension-building lead guitars and this sheer incredible fantastic larger-than-life clean and powerful lead vocals, the massive forward rolling "tank-like" rhytm section that backs it all up so amazingly and also not just tight and precise on a damn high level but also diverse and varying, just fantastic; with the brilliant arrangements of the verses and the larger-than-life refrains, with this just fucking great symphonic melodies, the goosepimples you get from this outstanding hymnal anthems, and this just awesome unbowed attitude of it all. This is first class Rock/Hard Rock/Modern Rock (or Modern Metal) of the by far best kind, and still DISTURBED managed/nanage to deliver nice "little", "greatly" done fresh ideas and surprises like the sweet, catchy "Pop" anthem "THE LIGHT" or the Dancefloor-Beat of "YOU'RE MINE" and not to talk about their majestic cover-version of "THE SOUND OF SILENCE" with its massive, very-own inner-dynamic or the great upfreshing "fluffy" groove'n'atmosphere of "WHO"; DISTURBED keep their music still fresh and exciting while holding on and staying true to their very-own A-Game, thumbs damn up high for that and for them. That the songwriting is intense and atmospheric and "just" stunning as fuck should be clear as also it should also need no further explanation that DISTURBED are damn skilled musicians (and songwriters). My personal favorites are "IMMORTALIZED", "THE VENGEFUL ONE", "OPEN YOUR EYES", "THE LIGHT", "YOU'RE MINE", "WHO", "SAVE OUR LAST GOODBYE", "FIRE IT UP", and "THE SOUND OF SILENCE"; but also I could have easily named nearly "them all" still right here, right now. And still I also love especially the positive high-octane energy and the great uplifting attitude and dynamics of DISTURBED that also shine through in the very valuable and forceful lyrics and that are mirrored in the first-class-artwork of the Album; and btw we also get a bombastic powerful clear transparent production-sound on top of it all as well. Only the two final songs "NEVER WRONG" and "WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO HATE" are a little-bit-too-easy-listening-songs for my taste, but are still songs other bands would sell their souls for to get them done. So, yes, I think I've said so far everything I got to say, yes, just in case you really still shouldn't have it, why the hell ever, then I can only recommend this masterpiece to/for you. A fucking great and nearly perfect album that you simply need to have in your collection, point and fact. I love it!!!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band; if blogger finally one more time again refuses to post it as a direct-link to the site then just click on the link with your mouse, mark it, copy it by a click on the right mouse-button, then open a new browser-tab, click on the headline of it with your right mouse-button, insert the link, and then finally just go there... and why the hell am I explaining this to you as if you wouldn't know this anyhow... never mind...;-)...)


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