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(Running time: 50:39 minutes; 11 Songs)
("Frontiers Records"; CD; 2017):
And today, like promised, the next record-review on a 2017 release. And we will stay in the Rock sector for this one (and we will return into this sector pretty often in the future, trust me), so now we will focus on the new full-length-album "DON'T LET UP" by the damn mighty NIGHT RANGER, definitely an AOR or Melodic Rock or Arena Rock or Classic Rock (name it like you want, for me it's first and foremost Rock, period) institution, going strong since the 1980's (with being around since 35 years now) and also, showcasing this with their newest baby "DON'T LET UP", still so today. And yes, years ago I once bought my first NIGHT RANGER album on a "second-hand-market-square" (it was the "BIG LIFE" record and that record I bought one or two years ago even for a second time because I found it on vinyl) and since then I was and still am sold to NIGHT RANGER. And when you now wonder and think why the hell I also listen to Rock of the AOR kind, yes, so I do, then keep in mind that my musical taste is very wide and that I love good music because it's good music, music that I like, that moves, and pleases me, and not because it's music of a what-so-ever certain genre or anything like this, and so it can be anything from an Oi! and (Street)Punk album to a Hardcore release, and from Crustcore and Grindcore to pretty much any kind of Metal to Stoner and Sludge music as well as it can also be (Classic) Rock, Hard Rock, Blues or Jazz, Swing, SKA, Reggea, Funk and Folk & Country music of any kind, hell, even World Music or what the hell else ever graps and moves me. And this also always reflected up here on this blog, sometimes often, sometimes less. So any "Toughguys" can skip this post, if they want to do so, absoultely no problem with that. Btw, after growing up from my youngest days on listening beside BLACK SABBATH, ALICE COOPER, IRON MAIDEN, AC/DC, SCORPIONS, BACHMAN TURNER OVERDRIVE, DEEP PURPLE, LED ZEPPELIN, THE WHO, AEROSMITH, VAN HALEN, ZZ TOP, and SAGA also with listening to FOREIGNER, BOSTON, ASIA, DEF LEPPARD, JOURNEY, TOTO, FLEETWOOD MAC, SURVIVOR, and of course also all the great "ROCKY" soundtracks, hell yeahr,growing up with all this bands and their albums and music (in very large parts thanks to my beloved parents), growing up with them and still loving all this bands it should be no wonder to anyone why also NIGHT RANGER finally back then should take me by storm. And so they did, and so they also did with their new one "DON'T LET UP". It's all there what you sort of desperately want and need from an AOR/Rock-album and especially what you definitely want from a new NIGHT RANGER album: Strong and pretty diverse/versatile composed songs full of first class melodic arrangements, incredible moving rhythms, powerful rocking yet very melodic if not symphonic (as sort of "melodic+", if you get what I'm trying to say) guitars that really shine and sing (especially in the leads and solo departments), really grapping keyboard fueled lines and moments, a very well-versed and surely high skilled rhythm section that beefs the songs in a majestic way up, and above all just outstanding and larger-than-life clean sung and damn strong, charismatic vocals, giving the great songs finally their it-all-cultivating-crown; absolutely fantastic stuff. The songwriting is of highest quality delivering loads of variations, lots of different pace directions,  and it shines with a lot of surprises and also with truckloads of grapping and touching and heartfelt, passionated moving moments, this is "just" greatHuge and forceful refrains shine bright throughout every song, and the verse structures and arrangements do so as well. It's packed up full with (positive) energy, an impressive forward pushing drive, a strong dynamic approach to it all, and with an undeniable shining spirit that's maybe best desribed as sheer and pure lust-for-life, and I love this. And in all is breathed life with a highly positive attitude that really strengthens and lifts you up. This also demonstrate the strong lyrics and the powerful artwork (especially the "racing" front-cover), and the very warm and organic, yet clear and powerful production sound fits perfect to the music. My personal favorites (at least at the current moment) are "SOMEHOW SOMEWAY", "RUNNING OUT OF TIME", "TRUTH", "DAY AND NIGHT", "DON'T LET UP", "SAY WHAT YOU WANT", and "JAMIE", but the (anyhow only few not listed) other tracks rule as well in a supreme way; only "NOTHING LEFT OF YESTERDAY" somehow not graps me but anyhow anyway this is just a brilliant album. And btw, if you start your day with NIGHT RANGER's "DON'T LET UP" then you start your day with a big smile on your face and with a positive mindset, and yes: "Champ, what better way to get in the right mood for a "winning-day", right!?!?" And, damn it, it's also absolutely great music when you're driving a "fun-round" with your car, especially currently in the summer. It's in every positive-meant-way a great winning and positive album, that beside this also carries and owns a lot of deeper value and that's of highest quality in every way and that's making it a total first-class album in nearly every sense, positive and with value, first class, period. Okay, I think that's it for this one, I can only recommend this one highly to every fan of great Rock music out there, so if you still don't have it (why-the-hell-ever) then you should make sure to change this asap and best promptly. A fantastic album!!!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band; you know anyhow how to go there and so I won't loose any more words about it)


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