Sonntag, 6. August 2017


(Running time: 42:45 minutes; 10 songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records"; CD; 2015):
And here's already the next one, working up through the years, again, and so now comes a record-review on a 2015 release and it's my record-review on ENFORCER's 2015 album "FROM BEYOND", and for all what I know it is still their current full-length-album up to this present day (but they've released a live-album since then anyway), and this one was my first encounter with ENFORCER. And what shall I say, they pretty much surely live up to most of all the praising words surrounding them. This is damn good and strong heavy Speed Metal (or maybe "speedy" Heavy Metal...) full of fresh energy and it is coming with a lot of hard-hitting-punches and this all is delivered in a very strong way, yes, I think everyone into traditional Speed Metal will anyhow cheer up to this; and this for justified reasons. Raging guitars full of full-throttle and pretty dynamic speed, honest and in-your-face-blasted aggression, high octane energy, great riffs and rhythm arrangements, fantastic melodic and atmospheric leads and just screming solos mark the songs in an impressive way. The sort of high(er) pitched yet very powerful and strong hitting, partly screamed but mostly real sung clear vocals then cut their way into your ears with tension and attitude, while the sharp-edged, fast-paced, and mighty striking rhythm section gives the songs and so the whole album the tight, loadable, and just "strong-thundering" backbone. All is delivered with a gloomy and dark yet very energetic and dynamic atmosphere and the songwriting is pretty strong and nicely diverse, done by skilled still pretty young musicians and all is interwoven with honest, authentic, heartfelt, and sympathic passion and just sheer fresh and young enthusiasm. Strong stuff, definitely. ENFORCER can be (maybe) best dexcribed as a young, pasionate, enthusiastic, and also pretty self-conatined mixture out of EXCITER, METALLICA's "KILL 'EM ALL", and JUDAS PRIEST, so yes, this is Speed Metal in a great tradition and especially done and delieverd in a really damn good and strong way. My personal favorites are "DESTROYER", "UNDYING EVIL", "ONE WITH FIRE", "HUNGRY THEY WILL COME", "THE BANSHEE", and the amazingly atmospheric and sinister title track "FROM BEYOND" with sort of an occult touch to it all. Cool lyrics, a beautiful old schoolish aftwork, and a hard hitting production-sound round it finally all up. I can only recommend this one to any traditional Metalhead outta there, and if they work out their already mostly pretty strong hooklines the next time around even more it will surely be even better; but also so, hell yeahr, "FROM BEYOND" is a damn strong one, so in case you really shouldn't know it, why-the-hell-else-ever, I can only recommend it to you. Damn strong and good stuff, yes, and definitely recommended.
(8 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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