Donnerstag, 25. September 2014

MADBALL - "DOC. MARTEN STOMP" (Official Video)

Here it is, the official video to the great new MADBALL anthem "DOC. MARTEN STOMP" that you can find on their new "HARDCORE LIVES" masterpiece that I reviewed up here one or two weeks ago (as well). Great video, totally stand out song, strong lyrics, what could ya ask more for. A soon to be a classic track, for sure. Also a first class video. Check it out and enjoy it, and it's definitely true, that "HARDCORE LIVES".
So, okay, that's it for today, more soon, I don't how much I will be able to get done this weekend, it will be a pretty busy weekend that's already starting or better kicking off just right with the birthday party of a very good friend tomorrow and so it will continue to be/go on, hm, but or so we will see what I will get done up here. So long enjoy this track and stay anyhow tuned for more. Have a good (late) evening/night and then think of tomorrow, because hey it's just one more damn work day to go and then it's weekend, finally, sounds great, right!?! Yes, it sounds great!!! More soon, and for now: Good night folks!!!
 HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
PS: THANKS to the great "HARDBOILED" guys for posting the new video first and pointing me into that direction, and yes, I simply needed to do as them and spread this great video and song around the world. Check their site out as often and as regular as it is possible for you, at least if you are into real Hardcore musick, because it's definitely one of the greates sites on the web dealing with all and everything important concerning Hardcore. Here you'll find them:


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