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TOUGHSKINS - "ANGER MANAGEMENT" (California's Finest finally back on the attack, American Oi! legends on "RANDALE RECORDS", released on 7'' vinyl already back then in 2010.)

(Record informations: Four songs in total, every side features two, and it's on black vinyl.)
(Release year: Released already back then in 2010, but... I totally missed out on it so far, just correct this big mistake some few months ago, and so now here is my review on this vinyl gem.)
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Here's my review on a record that I was totally curious and excited about, for all what I know the, if you want so, comeback release of the mighty TOUGHSKINS, Cali Oi! icons and legends. Their "RAISED IN ANGER" LP is one of my total favorites, I fucking love it, and it's still more or less pretty permanently on heavy rotation again and again since truly oh' so many years now. Also their split with the great BROKEN HEROES (also from years ago) I always liked and still like a lot. So you may can think and understand that I always thought that it sucked drastically and heavy (in a no good way of sucking) that they disappeared totally years ago for too many years. Hm, back in the MySpace days then I had a little message-writing-meeting from time to time with one of the TOUGHSKINS guys (sorry, can't remember anymore with whom of the bois) and he told me that they would be back in action finally again. As much as I loved to hear or better read this lines back then, as less could be seen of them over here by me and so I more or less, with the time passing by, forgot about them. Then, some time which means some years ago Bernando posted on his almighty "THE U.S. OF Oi! OF SWEDEN" blog (that seems to be dead and defunct these days... and this sucks) that the TOUGHSKINS would be back, hell yeahr, and then... then it took me unto now before I finally got their (what is and seems to me to be their) comeback release, four years after it was released... don't ask me any questions about the how and the why... Anyhow, now I finally have it, and now here's my review on it, so let's go: On this one we get four new songs by the great TOUGHSKINS, two each side, and as much as I was curious and excited (and also maybe sort of frightening because I wasn't so sure what they would deliver, and especially I wasn't so sure about if they could deliver the quality we knew from them still today), at least exactly that much I was convinced by this little gem, especially the A-Side with the title track "ANGER MANAGEMENT" and the maybe band's very own anthem "THE TOUGHEST KIDS" totally rules. The order of the day is without a doubt: Sharp aimed, hard hitting, energetic and dynamic straight forward speeding and rocking American Oi! of the finest, ah, the toughest kind and the more (punk-)rockin' and more melodic and catchy and always anthemic and hymnal way with that more West Coast flair (remember, for example, the legendary and infamous BOVVER WONDERLAND), full of sharp played hard yet especially catchy and melodic and especially always hymnal arranged and composed guitar work, snotty, fresh, young and real sung vocals that are backed up by strong, loud'n'proud crew chants, a totally infectous anthemic sing a long and raise your fists potential, and not to forget the tight and heavy punching bass playing and the precise and heavy, to the point played and no prisoners taking drumming, all delivered in a strong way of musical delivery and wrapped into energetic and forceful, grapping songwriting that manages to take you with right from the start and refuses to let you loose again before the finish line is reached and overstepped. "ANGER MANAGEMENT" and "THE TOUGHEST KIDS" totally rule, both songs have all the potential to become little great classics one day. Side B then is a bit weaker, especially or better solely due to "LET'S ALL", a party song (so it appears to me) with a somehow DROPKICK MURPHYS like arranged rhythm structure that's simply just not working (at least on record, live is the situation maybe a pretty different one). "THE BEAST" is then the final song of the record, and pretty much exactly as strong as the already mentioned "ANGER MANAGEMENT" and "THE TOUGHEST KIDS", so it makes up more than just good for the let down of "LET'S ALL", and that's more than only good and fine with me. So, you see, really a great record full of outstanding and damn great American Oi! by a classic band without any bullshit retro crap, just pure golden American Oi! of the toughest kind. Made complete is this album by strong and also always entertaining, pretty diverse lyrics, a first class production sound, and just a totally awesome artwork. So, what shall I write more, this one is a little masterpiece, so anyone only somehow into Oi! and especially anyone only a little bit into American Oi! (/U.S. Oi!) simply needs to call this 7'' his or her own, by any means. And, even it's already a little bit late: Welcome back guys, finally the TOUGHSKINS are here... again!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(9 of 10 points)
(PS: Stay tuned for my review on their follow up 7'' "KEEP THE FAITH" coming up the next few days. Oi!)


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