Sonntag, 21. September 2014

TOUGHSKINS - "KEEP THE FAITH" (American Oi! legends from California on the rise again, released in 2013 on 7'' vinyl by "REBEL SOUND" and "RANDALE RECORDS.)

(Record informations: Black 7'' vinyl containing four songs at/in all, two each side.)
Hey folks, back in action again. Some days ago I reviewed the 2010 (for all what I know) comeback release of the mighty TOUGHSKINS titled "ANGER MANAGEMENT", and I told you to stay tuned for my review on their follow up release, ta-da, and like promised so delivered, here it is my review on their what I know follow up release and their second album after their comeback, yes, their "KEEP THE FAITH" titled 7'' from 2013, released on black vinyl as a collaboration work between "REBEL SOUND" from the U.S.A. and "RANDALE RECORDS" from Germany. Again the TOUGHSKINS deliver us four new songs, again two per side, and this are four great new songs of the TOUGHSKINS typical American Oi! music with that tough sunny Californian Aggro spirit. They sticked true to their style and quality and attitude of musical and lyrical delivery, and thank the mighty short cropped, ox blood steel toe boots wearing one up above for that. "KEEP THE FAITH" is filled up with cracking and without regrets and mercy forward pumping sharp'n'hard played'n'aimed yet damn catchy and melodic, very forceful and full of passion fast played guitars, a great snotty and hard intoned but at the same time really sung and very charismatic melodic lead singing voice that delivers the vocals in a truly more than great way and that's backed up by loud back up chantings, a great and pretty present bass playing, full throttle high energy very dynamic drumming, and one hell of a huge truck load of sing a longs and damn fingerpointing and fucking fistraising potential, a sound that will surely fire up every damn pogo pit outta there as well as it will make you totally go rampage to it even when you listen to it alone enjoying it in your living room. This is a great release, if not even more than this, and in a very sympathic and also just authentic way it carries the spirit of the 1990's U.S. American West Coast/Californian Oi! sound like it was born and raised by for example BOVVER WONDERLAND and the TOUGHSKINS themselves into the second decade of the 2000's years and this in a authentic, original, unique, and especially young, fresh, and alive/lively way without any dumb and dull lame and stale retro bullshit crappy cheap feelings. Thumbs up and that makes it even greater than it is also already anyhow. This also counts for the very strong lyrics that also hold some nice surprises in store, like especially the phenomenal title track "KEEP THE FAITH" showcases in a brilliant way. The artwork is also a pretty cool one, and the warm and earthy yet heavy production sound finally makes it all round and to the complete package. I don't know what I here and now could write any more, I think with this one I said so far anything what there was to say and if not then combine it with my review on their "ANGER MANAGEMENT" release from some days before and you should have it all. This is a great release, even more than this, and in a significant way even a bit better than its precursor, and so it's more than "just" damn high recommended and I just hope that the TOUGHSKINS will carry it on and that they will come up with a full length of that quality some soon day. A fucking stand-out 7'' that you need to have especially if you are just somehow into real Oi! Oi! Oi! music without any trendy crap, just the real deal, and this is what you get here from the TOUGHSKINS, again. I love it!!! Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
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