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RYKER'S - "HARD TO THE CORE" (It's true, THE German Hardcore Silverbacks raise hell again!!! - "BEATDOWN HARDWEAR"; CD; 2014)

(+ Distribution: "SOULFOOD")
(Running time: 9 songs in 24:05 minutes.)
(Announcement: The album is also released on vinyl in several different colors and limitations, but don't ask me if there are still any copies floating around for you to buy somewhere...)
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Oh man, two weeks of nothing up here... sorry guys, it was just that I was the last two weeks not really that much in the right mood for blogging (about what ever) and also I decided to enjoy my rare free time more with my girlfriend, our dog, and my family as well as with exhausting sports, reading books, going out, nerding around from time to time in "Skyrim", and playing around here and there, just doing what I felt like and what pleased my gusto, freeing my mind. It's currently very hectic and stressful at work, not at least because from the next week on I'm about to take over the control at one of our newer "occupational-education-measures" beside still doing my so far daily "normal" or ordinary work at "my" school, hm, so you see, I really have a lot to do. But anyhow, also up here there's a lot to do and this matches perfect with my mood to finally do something active up here again, and so, yes, finally, here we go again: And here it is, the first post since two weeks (or so), and this is a record review post on the new RYKER'S album "HARD TO THE CORE", and this album is in fact nothing else or nothing less than the comeback album of this iconic and legendary Hardcore Silverbacks from Germany after for over a decade the band was more or less totally defunct, so here's their comeback album: Kassel Core strikes back you may can say, veterans and one of the very most important german and european Hardcore bands ever (and especially of the 1990's) are back in town, the rebirth of one of the greatest of what became known also as Euro Core, and you know what: It's fucking great that they are back!!! Damn fucking great!!! It feels like they had never been away, but at the same time excitement is definitely in the air. They truly sticked true to their style of bonesmashing and skullcracking, hard stomping and furious raging, NYHC fueled heavy and mercyless moshing Hardcore but they definitely managed to fresh'n'shake it all up with strong songwriting, cool grapping fresh ideas, some few modern (more definitely metallic) influences, yes, and just pure energy and real attitude. No old guys trying to rehash some of their fame from yesterday with delivering a stale and lame retro copy'n'paste work of their own old glory days, no, but instead of this a veteran band coming back and delievering one hell of an massive all out attack styled assault of an album, a band that really wants to know it (at least one more time) again, and for that definitely much respect and also this is just great, point and fact. A few more metallic notes, some sing a long terraces styled Oi! influences (just listen to the great soccer/football Hooligan smasher "DIVIDED BY COLOURS"), and "Mosh!!!", "Mosh!!!", "Mosh!!!" full throttle high energy bulky and beefy, massive and really heavy fast paced as well as harsh and heavy stomping groovy NYC inspired Hardcore, that's what we get in 2014 delivered by the RYKER'S, and all on a very high level of quality and deliverd by skilled musicians via strong songwriting. Powerful yet still pretty diverse guitar work, hard'n'heavy yet melodic and catchy, great forceful and charismatic that typical RYKER'S lead vocals that are also backed up by really broad-screen gang shouts, and a very massive played and totally to the point hammering tight and precise rhythm section, great changes of the pace and groovy and moshy rhythms, that all is really making the music of the RYKER'S - also still in 2014 and that's just perfect, pure gold, period. A very high level of energy is it on where all the songs play'n'mosh, and this makes it all really fucking intense. In short: This is a grapping album and a really great comeback and definitely the strongest RYKER'S album since their almighty lifechanging masterpiece "GROUND ZERO" from back then in 1996. And if you still don't know it or them, oh man, then let me tell you that this album will be strongly loved and admired by you if you normally raise hell to bands like BACKFIRE!, HARD RESISTANCE, ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS, SPIDER CREW, CRUSHING CASPARS, as well as MADBALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, CRO-MAGS, WARZONE, and PRO-PAIN. On top of it we get strong diverse lyrics (maybe easy or better simple stuff, but honest and to the point and with a real and heartfelt message, and that matters more than any crappy pseudo-intellectual bullshit sung by cheap assholes with no real life than sitting infront of their PC screens in the cellar of their parents house), a great artwork, and a totally clean yet heavy and earthy bombing production sound. And, on top of it, heartfelt passion and real and honest attitude is to be noticed non stopp and everywhere and every second, so that also the album title: "HARD TO THE CORE" is more than just justified and in the case of the RYKER'S nothing else than a passionated statement of one of a kind. So, okay, what shall I write more, one of the strongest albums of or for 2014 so far and one hell of a comeback, and I really just hope and wish that in this form (far) more will be delivered by the RYKER'S in the future. And, of course: Welcome back guys!!! And to you: Go out and get it, and in case you still don't have it this means nothing else than: Go out and get it right now!!! HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
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