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(Running time: 46:28 minutes; 12 songs)
("Metal Blade Records"; 2017; CD):
Damn it, I can't tell you how long it is now since I have listened to any new CANNIBAL CORPSE album, nah... really not, the last two albums that I am aware of that I have listened to constantly and regulary when they were released were the first two albums with Corpsegrinder on the mic: "VILE" and "GALLERY OF SUICIDE". Since then sort of nearly two decades and a big bunch of 'much newer' CANNIBAL CORPSE albums passed us by but of all this many albums I only took more or less 'slightly notice' and so since sort of the days of my youth now "RED BEFORE BLACK" is my first real proper new experience with this almighty legends of Death Metal carrying the name of CANNIBAL CORPSE; and before you ask, hell yeahr, I loved (and like I know now again still love) CANNIBAL CORPSE and so I can't really tell you why I was this long 'abstinent'... but who cares, fuck it, now it's (still) 2017 and pretty recently via the mighty "METAL BLADE RECORDS" the new CANNIBAL CORPSE album "RED BEFORE BLACK" saw the light of day and also finally made its way into my collection, yes, and so now here we are and now you're reading my review on it, yes, and so now let's go: To be honest I don't really know where to start because... fuck it, this is behind, but only very close behind, IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" the Death Metal album of the/this year of 2017 or, if you want so, the second best Death Metal album of 2017 (but very, very close to the first rank) and I'm massively impressed and this again and again or all the time, choose what might seem to you the more proper match. I have it now since two weeks and it is constantly on heavy rotation since then and I am again and again totally blasted away, hell yeahr, CANNIBAL CORPSE and their "RED BEFORE BLACK" masterpiece absolutely conquered me and this in a more than just supreme way. This is a bloody, devastating, brutal, atomizing, harsh raging, and mercyless shredding and thrashing massacre of pure, honest, real, and unbelievable heavy and brutal Death Metal with its very own very unique identity and over and over and again and again filled with a lot of catchy hooks that really also have a fist-in-the-air-and-sing-a-long potential and all on one hell of an outstanding level of tecnical skills, songwriting skills, and in general musicianship, oh bloody hell yeahr, it's nothing but totally overwhelming and absolutely mindblowing in a more than just supreme way, point and fact. "RED BEFORE BLACK" is filled with highest skilled very complex songstructures that offer incredible much to discover and again and again surprise with a massive amount of exciting and grapping changes in the pace, the arrangements, and the rhythm structures as well as the general dynamics of the songs while still yet flow and melt absolutely perfectly 'into one' at the end and will only and nothing but leave your mouth and eyes wide open because of the rousing and overwhelming excitement it offers from start to finish and again and again while your head will bang constantly in a nearly deadly intensity, ah, and yes, and if CANNIBAL CORPSE's "RED BEFORE BLACK" is anything/something before anything/something else than it is intense, hell yeahr, this is purest and absolute intensity set to musick, period. Corpsegrinder delivers one of the most charismatic and skilled, most brutal and intense vocal performances I've heard/listened to in quite a long, long while and that's really and truly leading the no prisoners taking and every resistance annihilating assault in a massive and simply bonesmashing way that it is just absoultely outstanding amazing. Then there are the phenomenal heavy and brutal, intense and diverse thrashing, shredding, sawing, slashing guitars that unleash one bloodthirsty and fiery inferno and will shed'n'shred easily skin from bone, it's like a thunderous storm of steel unleashed ripping right through you. The everything down into the ground harsh and heavy bass work and the nothing but devastating drumming then really give the songs their blood-dripping crown, enriching and cultivating it all to the highest levels of quality. And all is above all else so totally 'masterly' stunning intense and also so rich and diverse and multi-layered, hell yeahr, beneath the surface of this hellish massacre, this bloody inferno there's waiting such a high skilled musicianship creating such outstanding songs and musick that you really again and again all the time discover new surprises and exciting, grapping, overwhelming gems'n'treasures, yes, it's absolutely amazing, yes, and this all makes or turns CANNIBAL CORPSE's "RED BEFORE BLACK" really into one outstanding larger than life masterpiece that's one of the very, very, very best to find out there... definitely in years - and surely for years to come. Great slasher lyrics, a bloody zombie artwork, and one massive heavy and yet dirty and 'earthy' production sound then finally round it all up. So I guess that's it... and maybe you also get how massively euphoric I still am because of CANNIBAL CORPSE's "RED BEFORE BLACK"... and I will now close this review with clearly stating that if you are into Death Metal or anyhow brutal and extreme musick in general then by any means you need to call this outshining larger than life masterpiece definitely your own and this best right now, period. Amazing!!!
(10 of 10 points) (- the link to the band-homepage)


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