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(Running time: 48:53 minutes; 12 songs)
("Nuclear Blast Records"; 2017; CD):
Hey guys, yes, it's me again and I'm back @ work right up here - you may could say: all for you - and so without any long introducing smalltalk we rather jump on straight into the action and here and now this or the action is all about the current new 2017 full length album release by/of no one else than the just pure and simply  larger than life grandmasters of Blasphemous Death Metal from the U.S.A. and I am talking about and I am praising and hailing no one else than the almighty IMMOLATION, the legends from New York City, and their newest full length album release that carries the title of "ATONEMENT" and it's their tenth studio full length album in their 31 years or so spanning career (1986 - 2017) and it was released at the 24th of February of this very year of 2017 via the german based "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS" label, yes, and here and now I finally get it done to do my review up here for you, yes, and so now here we go... and, just btw, IMMOLATION's "HERE IN AFTER" from 1996 (I guess) is still to and @ this very day one of my top ten all time favorite Death Metal albums ever; but now back to the topic, yes, IMMOLATION's 2017 "ATONEMENT", yes, and so now finally (again) here we go: "ATONEMENT" is one absolutely amazing and awesome, sheer unbelievable high skilled piece of satanic and blaspehmic, sinister and brutal Death Metal that's incredible intense and through and through interwoven with sheer palpable close very deep'n'dark atmosphere and overwhelming huge and massive and all the time very alive-lively emotions, yes, this album is on all levels nothing but the absolutely sheer and pure and full force and might set to musick, hell yeahr, and that this one here is also one of the very most brutal and also technically highest skilled releases (of 2017) I only state here for the record, yes. IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" then really comes to life thanks to the fantastic songwriting that's very, very massive and intense and yet very diverse and rich on variations and truckloads of surprising and so not expected moments and that above all is also so damn fuckin' atmospheric and full of a high emotional scale/'scaleing', yes, and that also offers a wide variety of grapping song arrangements and exciting as well as rousing and no prisoners taking rhythm and riff compositions, large pace variations from in sort of  'this all and everything in-between' annihilating blasts to crypt-like Doom parts and 'slammy' mosh monsters, a very lot of massively soul- and playful finishes/'cultivations' to each of the songs, and a very strong and sinister and evil glooming and yet bright shining 'play' with dissonances that anyhow flow smooth (as 'smooth' as Death Metal can be ;-) - if you get what I mean ............) all together, yes, and this so incredible rich songwriting is done and delivered in such a phenomenal highest skilled musical way that it will absolutely take and conquer you by storm and in a very, nah, in an absolutely and totally supreme way, style, and manner, yes, this is definitely absolutely pure platinum and this on all fronts, period. All is packed up to the extreme max full with diverse smashing and yet really sort of symphonic guitars that are delivering the very best of the goods no matter if we look at the briliant rhythmic work or the full force fantastic riffing on the one side or the outshining sinister and dark 'lead' work with its glorious play with disharmonies/harmonies, dissonances and melody lines on the other side, totally awesome, and above the fantastic solo work we don't even need to speak and that/this simply because there aren't not enough words of praise around to do it justice anyhow anyway so larger than life great it is, point and fact. Then there's the phenomenal overwhelming massive and powerful, tight and precise and absolutely to the point played and yet 'amazingly' diverse and varying rhythm section that also really nothing but shines and adds much class and quality beefy and bulky weight and mass to IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT", yes, and that's above all absolutely superb. All is then made round and finally cultivated and enriched by the deep and harsh, brutal grunted guttural lead vokillz that shine in a bloody and sinister, deadly and devastating way. All in all IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" is not just an absolutely breathtaking and overwhelming larger than life masterpiece and it is also not just maybe perhaps the very, very most best album in the anyhow incredible strong and massively impressive discography of IMMOLATION but it is also clearly and far ahead of all the other/potential 'rivals' outta there (that in a lot cases also released strong to great and phenomenal good albums this very year) and so definitely the by far best and most strongest Death Metal album of 2017, definitely and without a single doubt. My personal highlights are clearly "WHEN THE JACKALS COME", "THE DISTORTING LIGHT", "RISE THE HERETICS", "THROWN TO THE FIRE", "ATONEMENT", "ABOVE ALL", "FOSTERING THE DIVIDE", and "POWER OF GODS", hell yeahr, but don't do the mistake and think the other and also anyhow anyway only few not named songs would be sort of 'weak(er) stuff' because hell no also this songs totally rule and destroy everything and everyone. We then also get blasphemous and bestial, sinister and dark lyrics, one of the most gorgeous artworks I've seen this year (and also in years), and a blasting and bombing production sound that's nothing than a deadly striking wall of sound, yes, turning IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" then 'finally-finally' into the real deal and making it to the complete package. If you are into real Death Metal and you really still should not know or have IMMOLATION's "ATONEMENT" then do yourself the huge, huge favour and change this and this best instantly right now because this masterpiece definitely needs to be a (prominent) part of and in your record collection, definitely and also without any doubt. So, in short: Get it!!!
(10 of 10 points) (- the link to a very cool fanpage of the band) (- the link to the facebook site of the band)


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