Sonntag, 3. Dezember 2017


(Running time: 38:35 minutes; 11 songs)
("AFM Records"; 2017; CD):
Next round already coming up, oh yes, trust your eyes... even if we will see if I will get it done before bedtime needs to finally begin tonight. And after all this harsh hard'n'heavy stuff taking the lead lately up here I felt like it is finally really about time that some good old Rock & Roll blasts on through again up here, oh damn fuckin' hell yeah, and so now here comes my review on DANKO JONES' 2017 album "WILD CAT" for you. DANKO JONES were before "WILD CAT" mostly under my radar so far... and thinking about it today I have really no clue why the bloody hell ever...!!! Always knew a handful of songs, hm, always liked them, yes, and especially when partying hard on through the nights, hell yeahr, but somehow never really cared that much more... and then "MY LITTLE ROCK & ROLL" was played on my favorite radio station and it was instantly clear to me that I definitely would need to have that "WILD CAT" with me at home, yes, and so it happened. This is high energy Rock & Roll on full octane levels with a very special flavor to it all and with a strong own identity that is maybe best to be described as first class modern & alternative (hard) Classic Rock with a nice and cool fresh somehow modern approach to it. Forceful guitars with a very own and unique tone delivering impressively exciting and grapping rhythm arrangements and just stunningly beautiful shining leads and singing solos, all done heavy, yes, melodic, diverse, and full of skills, oh yes, and marking the single songs as well as the whole album as well as DANKO JONES' music in general in a just very strong way and this for all the right'n'good reasons. Then we have the stunningly charismatic snotty and nasty yet very melodic and powerful lead vocals, fantastic, at the right moments supported by some few loud back up chantings, yes, as the next strongest marking element of DANKO JONES' "WILD CAT". The very present and just absolutely to the point played, very diverse and stunningly heavy pushing rhythm section finally gives the songs the needed final punch and drive, yes, so that this turns out to be pure Kick Ass Rock & Roll and this the first class way. Grapping songwriting, exciting ideas and fresh twists-and-turns all the way, high energy levels and rousing dynamics, yes, it's all here what I want (and need) from my up-to-date and still somewhat classical Rock & Roll, hell yeahr, and DANKO JONES deliver definitely with "WILD CAT" and this in a totally conquering way. Very cool lyrics, a perfect to the title and the music matching artwork, and a forceful smashin'n'kickin' production sound then round this all up in a sort of perfect way. My personal favorites are "I GOTTA ROCK", "MY LITTLE ROCK & ROLL", "GOING OUT TONIGHT" (the über-hit), "YOU ARE MY WOMAN", "DO THIS EVERY NIGHT", "SHE LIKES IT", and "REVOLUTION (BUT THEN WE MAKE LOVE)", yes, so start your listening sessions with this monster-anthems... yes, this would be my damn fucking recommendation... but don't make the mistake to think that the other not mentioned songs would be anyhow bad or weak, oh no, because also this ones damn fucking rock in a total kick-ass-way anyhow anyway. What shall I say more here and now, not much... just... yes... if you still don't have it and if you are into Rock & Roll and Rock then simply finally make sure that DANKO JONES' "WILD CAT" finally finds its way to you and then it's time to set your town alight. Cheers, fellas!!!
(9 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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