Sonntag, 10. Dezember 2017


(Running time: 44:44 minutes; 10 songs)
("Steamhammer"/"SPV"; 2017; CD):
And the next round is already aimed at and coming for you, yes, next review up here on another 2017 album, yes, and here and now it is all about the new JAG PANZER album titled "THE DEVIANT CHORD", yes, and it's been a while, surely, that I followed JAG PANZER and so "THE DEVIANT CHORD" is sort of my first 'happening' with them in years. And what is there to say? Hm, a lot, I guess, and so let us start: The U.S. Metal legends that they, JAG PANZER, definitely and absolutely justified are, yes, deliver us first class and damn good U.S. American Heavy Metal that's packed full with massive and thundering guitars that really dominate the songs and the music and that offer a wide variety of different killing riffs and stunning and massive, heavy and powerful rhythm work with grapping arrangements and nicely composed twists and turns and also very nicely interwoven surprises and fresh ideas in it all, yes, and then there are the really shining (doubled) leads and the very mostly impressive strong solos, hell yeahr, and like already said the guitars really dominate and mark the songs and the music heavily and push it all without mercy forward, yes, and this for all the right reasons. Then we get the highly characteristic and absolutely amazing vocals that are the next biggest marking factor of the songs and the music, definitely, and that are very unique and just great, also definitely, and nicely backed up here and there by doubled vocal lines. The thundering rhythm section with its to the point played mercyless precise tightness and its strong massively stunning as well as 'airy-light' diversity finally adds a lot of bulky meat to the backbone and bones of JAG PANZER's "THE DEVIANT CHORD". These fine gentleman are very skilled musicians and also their songwriting is just nothing but a rich and skilled 'affair' with a lot of different rhytmic arrangements and pace-variations as well as fresh twists and turns along the way. My personal favorites are without a doubt the almighty opener "BORN OF THE FLAME", the smashing "FAR BEYOND ALL FEAR", the massively tension-building "BLACKLIST", the very impressive done traditional "FOGGY DEW", the dramatic "DARE", as well as the two straight forward hymnal Heavy Metal anthems "SALACIOUS BEHAVIOUR" and "FIRE OF OUR SPIRIT", yes, so maybe try this gems out first, The other, not mentioned songs are a bit weaker and especially "THE DEVIANT CHORD" simply refuses to speak to me, but anyhow, all in all we get here a very good, yes, a damn good album that I can only very calmly and clearly recommend to any fan of real and honest and strong Heavy Metal outta there and that is made round by strong lyrics, a pretty hard hitting production sound (even the drums really don't sound that strong after all), and a very cool and 'nerdy' (just think of Spider Man) artwork. Clearly recommended, yes, a damn good album and so any Heavy Metal fan should have it in his/her collection, point and fact.
(8 of 10 points) (-the link to the Facebook site of the band)


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