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(Running time: 65:21 minutes; 15 songs)
("Roadrunner Records"; 2017; CD):
Okay, back at it again, and it's like 'ordered', damn it, the weekend's finally here and a long planned concert trip with a bunch of good old friends is up... and now I feel a damn fucking strong 'cold' breaking pretty massively through - I can't eat how much I want to puke right now... wish me the best that tomorrow things will look somehow pretty different again so that I will be able to go on that trip and clebrate SIX FEET UNDER and a big bunch of other bands live. If this turns out to happen that way then this very post here will be for this weekend pretty much the only post, yes, if not then you will get more new stuff from/of/by me to read up here over this weekend. So, yes, now enough of the introducing smalltalk and of me bitching around and now straight into the action again, damn it, and this time here and now you get my record review on the new STONE SOUR album titled "HYDROGRAD" released this very year in 2017 via the almighty "ROADRUNNER RECORDS" label. I pretty much always liked SLIPKNOT, some of their albums more, some of their albums less, and some of their albums I totally loved and still love, definitely, but somehow STONE SOUR always were a band that I never cared that much for... or that I never cared anyhow for so far, to be honest. This sort of 'rockish' Alternative Metal or Modern Metal with that somehow always slightly sinister edge to it all never really appealed to me all this gone and passed me and us by years, hm, and now in 2017 with "HYDROGRAD" today I am not so sure if I maybe never ever gave STONE SOUR a real, fair, and proper chance and try in the past or if STONE SOUR somehow that much changed or became that far better than before over all the years or if it is simply just me who changed quite a bit over the last decade or so or if it is a combination of several of this possibilities or a combination of all of them... I really don't know it... but I know that STONE SOUR's "HYDROGRAD" is a truly and really damn strong and incredible fucking great album of Alternative Metal/Modern Metal or maybe also metallic Alternative Rock/Modern Rock that really surprised me a heavily and massively this very year. And it all started with their phenomenal catchy and anthemic single "SONG #3", a true and real hymn, that I listened to first, hm, I think this summer (or at least anyhow in the earlier half of this very year of 2017) when it was played on my favorite radio station over here and this pretty much back then on heavy rotation, yes, and STONE SOUR conquered me supremely, definitely, and it was pretty clear that I definitely need to get my hands on "HYDROGRAD", hell yeahr, and so I then finally did one sooner or later beautiful day, yes, and since then STONE SOUR simply sort of own me with this monster that is "HYDROGRAD", yes, and this also for all the right reasons. This album is so incredible rich and exciting and so full of different influences, musical impressions, emotions, moods, and so much filled with a very strong own identity and an unique character and this all on such a high level of skills, quality, songwriting, and musicianship, yes, no matter how hard I try I will not probably but definitely never do it justice anyhow (and I do always my best and try my hardest to do the bands and records I do reviews on as much justice as only possible for me and with not being an native-english-speaker that's even harder for me to do and especially in a case like this here and now), yes, but I will anyhow try my (very) best possible to do a proper review anyway on it, yes, and so further on here and now, for sure, but keep in mind that this will probably to definitely be just a (very) general description of what's going on here on STONE SOUR's "HYDROGRAD", yes, and one thing that I have to mention right here and right now is that this very one here is one of the most atmospheric and intense albums in its very own right and style that I have listened to in a (very) long while. Expect one hell of an exciting and grapping guitar work that is massively marking the music of STONE SOUR on "HYDROGRAD" and that combines imressions from very harsh and in parts even 'deathy' Alternative Metal/Modern Metal to heavy and yet very emotional and sort of slightly 'grungy' Alternative Rock/Modern Rock adding up very fresh done (sort of 1970's) Classic Rock moments, truckloads of slightly 'punky' forward pushing and driving Rock'n'Metal riffing, yes, and also Country and Gospel and totally (and in an all positive sense) reduced 'ambient sounds' to the whole mix, yes, and this all done first class, highest skilled, and all platinum styled; and expect also that the guitars shine in the brightest ways and colours in all 'sectors of playing' which means that no matter if we look at respectively listen to the very stunning and fantastic varying rhythm arrangements or the just larger-than-life (out)shining leads, or/and the high skilled and very diverse done solos, yes, and this all in every positive way absolutely over the top, yes, and the guitars also have a very unique special flavour and tone of their very own, yes, and that's only adding up to their larger than life greatness. Then prepare yourself for one of the most charismatic and unique-in-tone as well as most intense and strongly diverse lead singing voices that's around today, oh hell yeahr, and the delivery on "HYDROGRAD" is just absolutely outstanding phenomenal, from screaming outburtsts to cleanest singing we get here all and this all on the most supreme levels of skills, identity, and quality. Amazing. Absolutely amazing. That the rhythm section then finally is just a totally stand-out diverse and tight as well as just sheer forceful and intense affair should need no further explanation here and now, bloody hell yeahr. The songwriting is just incredible as well as 'amazingly' play- and soulful (in all positive senses) and I think you already could or should have a (very) good impression of the high(est) quality and the high(est) skilled intensity and diversity as well as stunning heavyness that's breathing powerful as well as atmospheric life into STONE SOUR's "HYDROGRAD", yes, and this in an impressive, in a very impressive way. And, just for the record, yes, the fine gentlemen in/of STONE SOUR are truly high skilled musicians as well. The whole album is a total larger-than-life masterpiece and also for sure one of the very strongest albums of/for/in 2017 (an anyhow very strong year music-wise), yes, here's all purest gold to pure platinum, definitely, but if you should really like to know my personal favorites then here they now come for you, yes, and this would be (in no particular order... maybe) "SONG #3", "TAIPEI PERSON/ALLAH TEA", "HYDROGRAD", "ST. MARIE", "WHEN THE FEVER BROKE", "FRIDAY KNIGHTS", "WHIPLASH PANTS", "ROSE RED VIOLENT BLUE (THIS SONG IS DUMB AND SO AM I)", "THE WITNESS TREES", and "MERCY", purest platinum, period. On top of it all we get absolutely awesome lyrics, very diverse, unique, interesting, and thoughtful, as well as pure beauty artwork, yes, and a very heavy and smashing production sound, oh god damn hell yeahr, turning STONE SOUR's "HYDROGRAD" into the real deal and to the complete package, point and fact. Okay, even I could go on and on, yes, I think so far for here and now I've said it all what there was to say so far to/about STONE SOUR's "HYDROGRAD", yes, and so I will close this anyhow already very, very long review with just saying that any sort of open-minded Rock and Metal fan desperately needs to call this outstanding amazing larger than life masterpiece of an album his or her own, for sure, and this best sooner than later or, the very best, go out and get it as soon as possible and this best instantly right now, hell yeahr, this here is one of the very best albums of 2017, yes, so much I can tell you already right now right here, yes, so go and get it and this best right now, period. And now, of course, cheers and good night.
(10 of 10 points) (-the link to the homepage of the band)


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