Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

CKY - "THE PHOENIX" (2017)

(Running time: 30:45 minutes; 8 songs)
("Entertainment One" & "SPV"; 2017; CD):
Hey guys, me again, next post, next record, next review, yes, and this time on the new album of/by a band that I also just recently discovered this very year of and in 2017, for what the damn bloody fuck reasons ever, and here and now it is all about the brandnew CKY full length release "THE PHOENIX" released still pretty recently in 2017 via "ENTERTAINMENT ONE" and "SPV"; and eight years that passed by since its proper actual full length precursor album "CARVER CITY" from 2009 the albumtitle is maybe pretty 'programmatic' or sort of. After CKY were (without any kind of justification) more or less (beside some cool shirts back then) totally unknown to me I will spare me any band introduction and will jump straight and direct into the action, yes, and I will do so this time with naming you the probably biggest "What's wrong with it? That's wrong with it!" part of the whole album... it's simply by far too short, its running time is way too damn short, point and fact. Beside this... damn it... this is a damn strong and really fresh and exciting and mostly nicely varying and diverse metallic as well as grungy modern Alternative (Hard) Rock album that leaves you truly demanding for more. Beside this there aren't really negative points. Surely not all is gold but really pretty much and it is all on a strong and really fucking good level of quality and with the lead voacls, hell yeahr, the singer is so incredible strong with his very cool and smooth and yet very forceful style and way of singing and intonation, oh yes, this is really, really damn very, very strong and a pretty unique and a the songs and the music very strong marking feature of CKY's music on "THE PHOENIX", bloody hell yeahr, with such a singer and such lead vocals delivered by such a singer you already have one hell of  a huge plus already from the get-go on your side and so do CKY here on and with "THE PHOENIX" and this without a single doubt. Beside the really outstanding vocals we get a big and strong guitar work that's really stunning and dustdry boneshaking heavy and yet very sensitive and melodic and above all really grooving as hell and wafting with smoothe and chilled tones and that's packed up full with grapping playful elements and shines with a lot of passion and soul in a really just nothing but cool (and also pretty unique characteristic) way and this with the riffing and in the rhythm department as well as and maybe even especially with some bombing lead and solo work, yes, also the guitars are a true trademark of the sound and music of CKY (at least here on "THE PHOENIX"). Then there is the strongly present walking and talking bass and the stunning and nicely massive drumming adding beefy meat to the bones of "THE PHOENIX" as well as a cool organ that's really enriching the songs in most parts heavily. The songwriting is also pretty fresh and focusses beside some nice surprises and play- and soulful moments especially on the strong arrangements of the rhythmic structure with their strong organic grooves and their in most parts strongly rousing alignment. And here definitely a bunch of skilled musicians is at work, yes, just for the record. Maybe imagine a very self-contained mixture out of AUDIOSLAVE, DANKO JONES, DEFTONES, some new METALLICA, a bit of CREED, and some PUDDLE OF MUDD, hm... maybe, and you get a good first impression of where to start with your imagination of what is waiting here for you with CKY's "THE PHOENIX". At the end of the day a bit more variations and a bit more diversity to the grooves and the rhythm structures and "THE PHOENIX" would be even more better but also so anyhow CKY delivered a really damn strong album here with it that also comes with strong lyrics, a beautiful artwork, and a pretty natural and yet fat'n'heavy production sound that's a perfect match to/with the music and my personal favorites are "REPLACEABLE", "DAYS OF SELF DESTRUCTION", "UNKNOWN ENEMY", "HEAD FOR A BREAKDOWN", and "BETTER THAN GET EVEN", yes, so maybe start your listening sessions with this most precious gems. CKY delivered with "THE PHOENIX" a really damn strong album that I can only recommend in a very sure and calm way to you, point and fact.
(8 of 10 points) (-the link to the facebook site of the band)


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