Sonntag, 28. Dezember 2014

AC/DC - "ROCK OR BUST" (In ROCK we trust!)

(Running time: 11 songs in 35:00 minutes.)
Yes folks, (still) 2014 (yet) and some of the very greatest of the very great are back, despise all the bad things happened this year also with or to certain members of the band AC/DC really are back with a brandnew full length album, six years after "BLACK ICE" they unleash "ROCK OR BUST", packed full with eleven songs that they rock out in 35:00 minutes - and right from the start they make it clear that they are back here for serious business. I (always) liked (and still like) "BALLBREAKER" and I liked "STIFF UPPER LIP" and let's face it: There had never been a somehow bad  AC/DC album and I'm pretty sure that this is something that will never be, and "BLACK ICE" rocked even more, hm, but in short: "ROCK OR BUST" is definitely the (very) best AC/DC album since their legendary and iconic classic "THE RAZORS EDGE" which makes it to the best album in something like 24 years (incredible - and AC/DC had always been with me over all this years... and even a little bit more...), point and fact. Despise all the bad luck that hit the band over the last year it sounds more fresh, more alive-lively, it sounds younger and just more all-out-rockin'-attack than its precursor albums and the Blues induced dustrdry and boneshaking Hard Rock of that specific AC/DC brew simply kicks your ass from here to nowhere and back straight and direct into the here and now again - and this is also where AC/DC stand strong and tall in all their greatness in 2014 (and beyond), as a still 100% relevant and more than only important band that still delivers the goods in a fresh and inspired as well as inspiring way in the here and now. Dustdry and bonecracking guitar playing, marked by a really heavy and grooving great rhythm guitar work and just a phenomenal solo playing, powerful and really fresh, harsh yet hymnal sung lead vocals that sound by far more fresh and also more younger and stronger than before, loud back up singings, stunning hard drumming, and a pure power pumping bass work, these ingredients make the songs, melted together by fantastic grapping songwriting into first class purest platinum songs, and all delivered by just great musicians that serve a new high voltage dose of their very own and by them and by them alone created and cultivated sharp biting breed of Blues fuled Hard Rock music that still kicks ass and rules supreme and this both in a more than "only" dominant way - and this soon to be a classic albums prooves this all more than "just" right. A bunch of cool lyrics, premium artwork, and a heavy yet still dirty bombing production sound we get on top of it all as well, so you see: AC/DC deliver truly the complete package, the real deal. My total favorites are "ROCK OR BUST", "PLAY BALL", "ROCK THE BLUES AWAY", "DOGS OF WAR", "GOT SOME ROCK & ROLL THUNDER", "HARD TIMES", and "BAPTISM BY FIRE", so you might check out this songs first - but don't make the mistake and think that the not mentioned songs would be anyhow bad tracks, hell no, just that you know it. Okay, what should I write more, I think I've said it all, this is a brilliant album and surely one of the best of this year and I can only recommend this to any of you into real authentic handmade Rock & Roll music, so don't think twice if you still shouldn't have it and just go out and get it, because it's all just about: "ROCK OR BUST"!!! /// Andy
(Rating: 10 of 10 points)
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