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WORLD WAR 4 - "DEMO 2" (Boston Hardcore thrashing mad again!!! - D.I.Y. Tape Release in 2014.)

("D.I.Y."; Tape)
(Running time: Six songs in around ten minutes.)
(Note: There are also plenty of downloads floating around through the web, but don't ask me if there's only one more or less official one - but especially in case you live outside the States then one of the download links is better than remaining without it, not at least after I am not so sure about any limitations of the Tape and if it's maybe already sold out or not... - and honestly I own it also just as a download MP3 version... it's hard to get your hands on stuff like this when you live in Germany and not in the States... but after I don't know of any anyhow official link I won't post any here and now, just search for yourself around the well-known (Blogger) sources and you should find one pretty soon.)
Here it is, the since something like two years now already again expected and awaited new WORLD WAR 4 release, their "DEMO 2", at least I have waited for it quite a long time (which means the mentioned two years now) and I would bet that I was not the only one. The guys of or in WORLD WAR 4 play beside WORLD WAR 4 also in pletny of other bands, like for example xNO TOLERANCEx that had been also featured some years ago up here on this blog with one of their back then current releases, and so enough of the namedropping and the talking about the past here, because what counts, what matters is only the here and now, and so here we go: And the first thing I can say is that WORLD WAR 4 definitely sticked to their style, sound, and approach, and this simply just rules. We get six new songs, with one of them being the intro track, "WAR-TRO", and another one being an outro stomper, "WW4-MARCH", so this makes four full or real or just proper new songs and this songs carry the titles of "MOVIN' ON", "SEE YA LATER", "SOCIETY'S WASTE", and "LEECH". Expect one hell of furious thrashing metallic Old School Hardcore Crossover inferno breaking loose right from the start, somewhere between S.O.D./M.O.D. and D.R.I. with some GANG GREEN and (early) PRO-PAIN as well as some (old) SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER (only a little bit), and CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER in it, and made round by Old School East Coast Thrash Metal like ANTHRAX, OVERKILL, and NUCLEAR ASSAULT, then you have a pretty good idea of what WORLD WAR 4 are all about. Expect them to do still their own stuff, so you won't find any copy'n'paste crap and instead of this a self-reliant band doing their own thing, and also expect it all to be fresh and up-to-date, so no lame and stale boring retro garbage will float through your ears and head while listening to the demo. Crushing and sawing, shredding and mercyless roaring guitars, great pissed off aggressive and harsh shouted lead vocals, a buzzing and ripping bass playing, and thundering drums really make the music, and cool songwriting, nice varying of the pace and groovin' rhythm structures they deliver as well, so you see, yes, it's all there what you can ask for, hm, and maybe even a bit more. Cool lyrics and a great Old School HC D.I.Y. artwork as well as a first class recording/production sound we get on top of it, so you see, it's the complete package. And even it's not blowing me exactly away like its precursor release two years ago it's still one hell of a great new offering by/from a band that's more than ready to release via a good label a proper full length album - finally!!! Even this is a very short review (I mean, it's also a very short release) I can only highly recommend this album to anyone into Old School Thrash/Hardcore Crossover, especially if you want that stuff in a new fresh and exciting dose and all delivered by a strong self-reliant still pretty young band. So go and get it. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
(Rating: 9 of 10 points)
(Check this site out - and if Blogger again is refusing to follow my order to post this as a direct-link to the site you know anyhow how to get there: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/world-war-4.)

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