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FLY'$ FUCKER$ - "LIVE PERFORMANCE" (Speed Punkcore invasion from Orleans/France, D.I.Y. done collection of live and studio recordings.)

("D.I.Y."; MP3-Download & CD-Release)
(Running time: 21 songs in around 57 minutes.)
(Note: Patrick, who's today part of the FLY'S FUCKERS but for all what the paper sheet says wasn't when this recordings were done, send me via Facebook the digital version of this album, but I would say that it also was released as a CD or CD-R, but don't nail me on that... hm, and thinking about things you shouldn't nail me on then please don't ask me when this album was released, okay? Okay. Good, ah, the FLY'S FUCKERS were totally unknown to me before I received this album and so far more I still don't know about them, expect this 21 songs here and the fact that they are from Orleans in France, but I don't know how many stuff they have already released or something like this, so you see, please don't ask me about any further informations 'bout 'em, thanks.)
(Expression of thank(s): And like already said here and now a big "THANK YOU, MAN!" goes out to Patrick who send me this album like sort of a month ago, and now here finally comes my review on it, and anyhow and again just THX a lot man, great of you.)
(Review:) Ready for some chaotic speedy, Core fueled wild raging Punk madness from Orleans, France?!? You better are, because now it's FLY'S FUCKERS time up here on your dear "MANSLAUGHTER THUG LIFE" blog. Like above written I didn't know the band before receiving and listening to this album, hm, but 21 songs in nearly an hour are anyhow a good way to make yourself known with them, and so I listened pretty excited to the "LIVE PERFORMANCE" delivered by the FLY'S FUCKERS. This is a great sort of mostly very fast paced (Old School) Hardcore fueled Punk musick that thrashes and ripps up everything in sight and even partly nearly grinds its way out (just listen to "McGYVER", especially in its studio version), so it's maybe best descibed as fast and wild raging Speed Punkcore musick that's invading your ears without mercy. Fast shredding guitars and heavy ripping (two) bass(') at work (!!!), backed and beefed up by storming and damn tight drumming, and all leaded out of the speakers by cool snotty and nasty sung and spitted-into-the-mic lead vocals. That's all good and fine and would already please my gusto very well, and also my current mood, after the album on my self-made home-done CD-R copy over the last two weeks very often brought me over the hills and far away to my work and back again and always managed to put a smile on my face, but what then really makes the FLY'S FUCKERS from my point of view is the fact that there are really strong and skilled musicians and creative songwriters at work that know very good to work a lot of surprising and always fresh ideas into their songs so that they create a very thoughtful (but not importunate and not bugging, it's all flowing very well and the songs make sense all the time, all the way) and playful fast paced and at first look (or listen) chaotic Punkcore cocktail that offers underneath the very fast paced surface really a lot of fresh and interesting creative ideas and first and foremost real and also a lot of damn grapping songs. I really like it a lot, and especially the guitar playing sticks out, from my point of view. 13 songs are live recordings, and the remaining songs are studio recordings, and even I also like a lot of the live recordings the studio songs simply kick more ass and shine by far more (because of the very strong and massive production sound), and if I should name you my favorites then it would be without a doubt "O.B.A.O. JACK IS GAY", "O.B.A.O.", "SHOCKEN BLOCK", "SEMINAL", "PSYCHORT ASYLUM", and the band hymn "FLY'S FUCKERS". Bands to compare them with won't come to my mind, hm, but who cares, at the end this just speaks for the FLY'S FUCKERS, at least in my book it gives them points. To the lyrics I can't say that much, but I would bet that they deliver pretty strong stuff also on the lyrical front, just judging by the pretty interesting song titles. The production sound of the studio songs is a true bomb, the recording sound of the live songs is anyhow also really okay, hm, and the artwork somehow rules quite a bit, hahaha;-)... After the FLY'S FUCKERS are already around since at least 1993 you probably know them already what would make you to a by far better informed guy than me, and then you may know already what's coming at you and what to do, if not then just let me tell you that this album is definitely a recommendation by me for any Speed and Punk fanatics outta there, so go and get at least the download of it. Thumbs up, definitely. /// Andy
(Rating: 8 of 10 points)
(Band contact:
( - And here you can get it. // If the band wants the link removed just drop a line guys.)
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