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SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT - "SOTP" (A complete collection of songs that you can find up on "REVERBNATION".)

(Note: A collection of various songs from pretty much of all the so far SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT releases that you can find up on the bandsite on "REVERBNATION" waiting to be downloaded by you for free.)
(Expression of thank: A big THX goes out to Stavros who wrote and send me his material for reviewing it.)
So far I knew SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT just from a bunch a comps (some of them I also reviewed up here in the past) and so I was pretty much like: "Uhm, okay... again something missed, I guess..." after Stavros, the mastermind of and behind SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT, contacted me and send me his stuff for reviewing and I realized that nowadays they already have two full length albums out, "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" (2012) and "MORE PUNK THAN YOU" (2013), beside a solo EP, "MALAKA... THE E.P." (2012), and beside split and demo releases and the (in parts already mentioned) contributions to several comps. Whoops, yes, of course, again something missed, righty right. 
So, okay, I checked it out and I liked what I could hear. Then, while SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT still shredded out out of my speakers, I searched a little bit throughout the web what I could else find, and there and then... hm, okay, let me say it this way: On the side of the message and the lyrics this is definitely a political band and the politics lean to the right... how far I can't and won't say, also because I simply don't really care about it that much (and so I don't searched for it oh-so intense and instead of this rather listened to the music). So now just for the record: SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT is a, hm, let us say Conservative Punkrock band, so if you have any problems with that for what reasons ever (good ones, bad ones, what-ever) don't say you haven't been warned by me and please just don't waste your or even worse my time with leaving shitty comments or sending me crappy mails. I know where I stand and why I stand there, and so I can calmly live with a lot of other positions, even of those I may dislike or that are may contrary to mine, and if you can't do this then that's your thing to deal with - and not mine.
So, now back to the topic: SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT was and still is a one man band, and Stavros is this one man, hm, and for all what I know all instruments that we can hear in the songs are real instruments played by him, so now drum-computer or "computer-sampler-guitars" or anything else like this are here to be found, and that's pretty fine, so even it's "just" a one man band it's a "real" band. Don't ask me if he will change this in the future and how he handles it when he is or will be playing live on stage (because if he can't beam himself in under a second from here to there and there and back to here again and acting his parts all over the place I simply don't see him play concerts with SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT anyhow, hahaha;-)...), but that's of no concern here and now. If I understood it right then Stavros is an U.S. American of Greek decent, living at the Westcoast in Los Angeles (or the L.A. area) and judging by our E-Mail contact he's a pretty sympathic guy. Okay, not that important, but this pretty sympathic guy plays and delivers a really good sort of slightly Oi! and Streetpunk fueled PUNKROCK music that will really shake you in your boots or Chuck's if you are into mohawked meldoies. Dirty yet pretty heavy shredding and sawing guitars, a nasty rumbling bass at work, harsh beating and stomping drumming, all on a very decent level of skills and the songwriting is also pretty strong, so all in all really decent stuff that Stavros delivers here, and that's how I like it. Also the songs convince with a grapping variations of the pace and the rhythm work. The lead vocals are angry and harsh sung pissed off and snotty and fit very good to an overall aggressive Punkrock style. Nice rocking rhythms here and thirtsy rolling groovy arrangements there enrich the music a lot, and anyhow old SKREWDRIVER definitely had been an influence anyway beside a lot of other stuff from U.S. CHAOS to RANCID. Really strong and good Punkrock with a lot of potential and quality. The lyrics deal with a lot of things'n'stuff, from personal and historical (old ancient Greece) topics over Punkrock Way of Life themes to political stuff you will find a lot offered here by SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT. The recording or production sounds of the songs do vary (keep in mind that they are from different releases) but are more or less all in a pretty raw yet hard flavor and so it's all good and fine with me and also a perfect match to/with the music. To the artworks of the releases I can't say that much, after only the covers are to be found up there on their "REVERBNATION" site but I like the general band logo a lot as well as the cover art of the "FREEDOM FIGHTERS" album. So, after all I think you should know now pretty much all so far, so here we have really good and strong stuff that I can recommend to any fan of Punkrock muisc, and so why not stop at the site the following link will (or at least should) lead you to, right?!? And just in case of doubts, then still: "More Punk than you." ;-) /// Andy
(Rating: 8 of 10 points)
(Band site: http://www.reverbnation.com/spiritofthepatriot - Okay, after it seems that Blogger is still not posting links to sites as direct links to the particular sites just do as always and copy the link into the headline of a new browser-tab and then just go there. This is the "REVERBNATION" site of SPIRIT OF THE PATRIOT where you can find truckloads of their songs for downloading them (all) for free, hm, and so I guess you know what you have to do now.)

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