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SKINFULL - "GOOD INTENTIONS... BAD IDEAS" (Patriotic U.K. Brickwall Oi! Roughnecks with their farewell album; 2014 "SKINFLINT MUSIC" release.)

(Note: If I am now not totally wrong then this album is or was released on CD and LP, anyhow, I have it as a MP3-Download, as the official one to be more precise, and it was send to me straight out of the "SKINFLINT MUSIC" HQ and so THX very much for it!!!)
(Running time: 14 songs in around 48 minutes.)
Here it is, the already a little bit longer awaited second proper full length album of/by SKINFULL, the young U.K. Brickwall Oi! Roughnecks that unleashed hell some years ago with their debut album and that since then are pretty much one of the by the AFA/ARA most defamed and "witchhunted" Skinhead/Oi! bands of today. Okay, not wasting any space or energy with worrying about this ridiculous and stupid crap, so right and straight into the action, my review on SKINFULL's second offspring "GOOD INTENTIONS... BAD IDEAS", and so here we go one more time again: Awaited since some years here it finally now is, and then it is directly announced to be also again the final album of/by SKINFULL, why ever. After now two full length albums, a handful of singles and splits, and some compilation contributions the chapter SKINFULL will already be closed again... why ever... but anyhow this aren't good news, because had SKINFULL clearly been one if not the strongest going and by far best new or young England Oi! band in and since many, many years and they will definitely leave a big room of blank and empty space behind. Okay, anyhow, back to "GOOD INTENTIONS... BAD IDEAS": They definitely sticked true to their style and approach and so they deliver here and now a full dose of by dry and dirty, heavy and angry foward pushing powerful guitars dynamized, by a heavy buzzing and grim roaring bass beefed up, by stunning precise forceful drumming forward driven, and by snotty and angry grim harsh lead vocals and loud crew back up chants cultivated very heavy and powerful Brickwall Oi! the U.K. kind in the tradition of bands like CONDEMNED 84 and others of that kind, but all pretty fresh and self-reliant as well as relevant and on a today level with a lot of own fresh ideas, no bullshit retro copy'n'paste crap that no one with a clear mind really anyhow needs. I would just wish that the songwriting would be more dynamic, especially more varying in the pace work a good bit, and the drumming could still be more versatile (and if I remember it correct, then I wrote more or less exactly the same critics-points also already four years ago in 2010 when I reviewed their debut), but that's just me thinking, and it's anyhow a really strong and damn good album that will definitely please every fan of Brickwall Oi! especially of the U.K. kind. The lyrics are through and through Skinhead Aggro lyrics and patriotic political stuff, but still I can't see respectively read and hear any far right bullshit here and so just stay the fuck away from me with this bullshit defamation and witchhunting and rather carry the fight in a physical way to the real Nazis if that's what you really want to do, at least you proclaim it so, all you brave AFA/ARA virtual warriors on your witchhunt crusade. Okay, coming to the close of this review then let me say that the heavy yet dirty production sound really rocks and that the artwork, so far I can say something about it after I just have the coverartwork infront of me and nothing else, really is a nice Skinhead Aggro artwork like you would also except it from an album like this, the same as in the case of the lyrics. Hm, and maybe this all is just my only problem with this album, personally it's for me a bit too foreseeable music-, lyrics-, and also artwork-wise and I would have loved to get something more surprising, challenging, and unexpected, hm, but okay, anyhow, all in all this takes not really anything of the quality of this album away and so I can and do calmly recommend it to any fan of heavy Oi! outta there. And, again, it fuckin' sucks that SKINFULL decided to call it a day. Farewell guys, you will be missed. Cheers & Oi! Oi! Oi! /// Andy
(Rating: 8 of 10 points)
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