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BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - "HIGH HOPES" ("Where there's a fight 'gainst the blood and the hatred in the air, look for me mom I'll be there. Wherever somebody's fightin' for a place to stand or a decent job or a helpin' hand. Wherever somebody's struggling to be free, look in their eyes ma you'll see me.'')

(Running time: 12 songs in 56:33 minutes.)
Review: Oh man, fuck, how could this happen... how could I wait with the review on that very album here, how and why... or did I just completly forgot about it along the way over all those busy months passing by and taking me away this year... anyhow, anyway, and however, it doesn't matter that much after all at the end and it shouldn't happen again, and now here it is, my review on the new or better still current (2014) full length album release of no one else than BRUCE "THE BOSS" SPRINGSTEEN titled "HIGH HOPES" brough to us via "SONY MUSIC" on CD in a simply damn beautiful artwork and digi-packaging, yes, and this album is nothing else or nothing less than a true beauty and a real and precious gem - and a gem that's shining brighter than nearly every other gem that was released this very year beside two exceptions (that you already know, at least in case you are reading this blog frequently and/or regulary) that just still somehow shine a little bit brighter personal for me, but that's all pretty close after all, and this very album here is just a total bomb, a total boomer, absolute platinum and pretty much once again sort of the absolute top, point and fact. (Hm, and now you know already my third ranked favorite album of/for 2014, okay, who cares, hahaha ;-) ...) We get twelve new songs in 56:33 minutes and this time it's maybe even more special than before, because BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN joined forces on seven of the twelve songs with Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE/AUDIOSLAVE), and it works out greater than great. Okay, if you are like me, not the biggest RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE fan and not to talk about AUDIOSLAVE, and you're now thinking like: "Uhm... nope... or...'', yes, then let me calm your mood down, because Tom Morello and the cooperation with him really works fantastic and it's still through and through a real THE BOSS album but with strong fresh ''outside-ideas'' that are really worked in a great and flowing way into the music, enriching and cultivating it in a phenomenal way, not "aliennating" anything, just two fantastic musicians working together in a very inspirated as well as purely inspirational way (together with a big band of not less fantastic musicians in the band playing with them, just that you know it), that's it, and that's just fantastic - and even more than "just" fantastic, period. Okay, and so now let us have a more detailed look on it, just exactly like and how it deserves it, yes, and so here we go:
The story behind how this album came to happen is a pretty interesting one and explained by THE BOSS himself in the very outspoken, interesting, informative, and honest linernotes to/of this record - a picture-scan of it you can find at the end of this review, so that you can read it all by yourself as well. So I won't go in it all too deep here and now, after you can read it in its original words in the booklet of the album as well as here in form of the photo/picture-scan, so just let me say that it is very interesting, passionate, and thoughtful coming together in full motion and play of old ideas and fresh'n'new inspirations settled together in form of phenomenal songs that culminate in an extraordinary album of a class of its very own, cliché-free, honest, authentic, sympathic, monumental, rebellious/critical and outspoken, proud and unbowed, knowing no regrets and not caring about compromises, smart and thoughtful, passionated and emotional, some of the trademarks with which you describe "HIGH HOPES" probably best right from the start. Musicwise this is a true and real American born and bred very diverse and multi-layered Rock album full of honest Working Class raised Rock Music to which old school Punkrock has never been a stranger (today especially still shining through in the attitude of the music) and that's inspired by Old School Rock & Roll and that's breath-taking strong enriched and cultivated by and with American Folk, some Blues and Country notes, great jazzy Big Band arrangements, and emotional and high classed souly Pop impressions, all mixed and melted together, heavenly great cultivated by some of the most skilled musicians and songwriters ever that deliver incredible fantastic songs full of heart and soul, brain and guts, every song a hymn, an anthem of its own that rise and shine right and straight from the get-go in their very own and larger-than-life bright shining light, and especially the high skilled and so incredible strong and outstanding multi-layered songwriting full of emotions and atmosphere as well as bursting out'n'over so full of grapping and interesting moments, surpsises, twists'n'turns, arrangements and shining compositions and song architectures, it's incredible, just a total phenomenal album - really a kind of its very own, if you get what I am trying to say with this words. Especially the unique guitar playing and the totally stand-alone and characteristic lead vocal singing totally mark the songs, but there's so much happening more, so damn much far more going on that you simply have to experience it for yourself to really get and understand it, this is really an album that by any means needs and waits and wants to be discovered and trust me, it offers and gives you so much and beside the totally breath-taking music also so much power and will to make it through even the darkest times and the most fucked up days, hell man, this is not just an album, nah, this is far more, a true force, real power, it's truly a gift. This also is to say about the really amazing lyrics, that are not at least also a perfect gaming match to/with the music and also they really and truly shine bright and wide and I just love to totally sink myself deep and deeper into the music and the lyrics, it's a really fascinating, mind- and eye-opening, just totally amazing ride. The artwork is pretty much a true beauty, even in its or this simple form, but it really rocks, and the warm and earthy production sound is just a perfect match, the perfect score. In the end, hm, giving you my favorite songs makes no real sense to me when you face up such a overall masterpiece of music and art like "HIGH HOPES" simply and definitely is but let me try to name you my personal über-favorites and maybe start with this songs your journey to discover this groundbreaking and lifechanging album, so here we go: "HIGH HOPES", "HARRY'S PLACE", "AMERICAN SKIN (41 SHOTS)", "HEAVEN'S WALL", "HUNTER OF INVISIBLE GAME", "JUST LIKE FIRE WOULD", "DOWN IN THE HOLE", "DREAM BABY DREAM", and the total über-song "THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD", all named only in a loose and in a no particular order. A spirited album, one of the very best albums that saw the light of day, and so I will close this post, my review on it, with just saying that from my point of view this album simply is a duty for any true and real music-lover outta there, and I just hope that BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN keeps the flame burning bright that enlightens his mind and that fires up his music. This is through and through true BOSS music. It's just totally awesome, and a absolute unique album!!! /// Andy
(Rating: 10 of 10 points)
(Homepage: http://brucespringsteen.net/ - Copy the link into the headline of a new browser-tab and then just go there and visit the site.)

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