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BORN FROM PAIN - "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL" ("We dance with the devil again and again, looking for answers and misreys end. While we dance, dance, dance with the devil, choosing the path from which we never come back.")

(Running time: 12 songs in 31:14 minutes.)
(Collector note: The album's also released on strictly limited vinyl in several different color versions - don't ask me if already sold-out or still available...)
Review: Here it is, the new BORN FROM PAIN album titled "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL" brought to us via "BEATDOWN HARDWEAR" on CD and also on limited vinyl (or better here's my review on it, not the album;-)...), not that the collector guys outta there reading this start to hustle because they haven't been informed by me properly ;-) ............ So "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL" is sort of the comeback album, if you want so, of BORN FROM PAIN after their "THE NEW FUTURE" is now already anyhow older and remained more or less, so that's my impression, strongly under the radar, in general, and so they are back and it's statement time to show that they are still or again here, yes, and so they do, so they deliver, a statement, a true and strong, a real and tough statement, nothing else, nothing less, period - also finally again with their "real" singer back on board. This is metallic, groovin', stompin', raging, and fist clenching (as well as fist swinging) Mosh Hardcore somewhere to be loosly located between HATEBREED and TERROR but it all with a very present and very strong own identity of a very fresh and so also refreshing character, full of cool and great own ideas and nice new marks and footprints. Maybe it could be here and there still a little bit more demanding but that are only very few moments when you feel this way respectively think this or so and so they (which means this only short and just few weaker moments) don't take that much of the quality away, and that's just all good and fine with me. Bombing heavy and harsh rough'n'tough as nails assault and battery styled guitar playing full of energy and power, sheer force and huge dynamics non stopp and also with a strong rockin'n'groovin' approach mark the songs strongly, all backed up by a really massive and stunning rhythm section that acts totally tight and precise just right in time and pretty diverse, and then all is crowned by mighty and pretty charismatic Hardcore lead vocal shouting and widescreen gang back up chantings, while a big bunch of (prominent) guest singer support it all in a great way. The guys can play, without any doubts or discussions, and they can even better write songs and here's where their fresh ideas shine through, for example in great rhythm surprises that are worked perfect into the flow of things like for example in "CAUSE & EFFECT" (just listen to the drumming in the verses), or in perfect all out rockin' killer groove moshers like the über-anthem "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL", or in Doom parts with a sick and very tight intense atmosphere like showcased in and with "NOMAD", and the cool spoken word samples just build perfect bridges to connect every song with each other and so the full album as a whole. They offer a lot music-wise, and far more than in the past and this all in a very strong just great flowing way, and this is just great. Also the very ambitious, outspoken, and critical lyrics really convince and come on a level of first class quality, the sinister artwork is not only pretty cool looking but also a perfect match to/with the music, and the production sound is just a damn strong ultra-heavy bomb and this totally rocks. All in all it's damn good that BORN FROM PAIN are back and they deliver with "DANCE WITH THE DEVIL" one damn great album and their very best to date, and I can only recommend it to any fan of metallic Hardcore, so if you still don't have it go and get it - and make sure to check them out also live, they are currently still (?) on tour to promote their new beast here and I saw them sort of one-and-a-half-week ago and they just totally conquered. So now you know what you have to do. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
(Rating: 9 of 10 points)
(Band site: / Just copy the link into the headline of a new browser-tab and then just go there and give them a like.)

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