Mittwoch, 20. August 2014


Fuck it, what a farce of a day this one had's definitely true, that with work you can (easily) ruin your whole day... ah, but forget all the trouble of the day and now finally slipping into relaxation. Here's my tonight's soundtrack, a perfect choice. It's the awesome goosepimples-spending intense hymn "NICKERSON'S THEME" by the so far to me unknown band AHAB, almighty Doom/Death (Metal) full of grapping melody lines and far, far more. I love it, and tonight it's also just totally perfect for me for "coming down", for letting this bullshit day all behind me. Cheers guys!!! /// Andy
(Note: Please don't ask me why it seems so, that since some posts Blogger totally fucks up the uploaded pictures... maybe I will find out what's the problem is and will be able to fix 'em... it sucks.)

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