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MANIC ADRIFT - "MANIC ADRIFT" (Death Metal from Germany; D.I.Y. Digital Album and CD release)

("D.I.Y."; CD & Digital Album)
(Information: Order the CD for a price of 7 Euros via or download the digital album for a price of  2 Euros @
(Running time: Eight songs in around thirty minutes.)
Here's my review on the current self-titled MANIC ADRIFT release, a so far beside this very one here for/to me totally unknown young (?) Death Metal band from Germany that I got aware of due to a review of my good friend Rudi who does a great job at writing about music and doing reviews on records over @, and some time ago he used to do a review on this band and album and what I could read made me curious about this piece here, and so with some time of being put on the line my review on it is now coming finally up as well. This album is released on CD as well as in the form of a digital album for all what I do see and think by the band itself all the D.I.Y. way and from where to get the CD or the digital album and for what costs you can read above. I have the digital album, and so my review is based on it, not knowing the CD release after all (so far), just that you know it. Okay, it's already pretty late keeping in mind that tomorrow work is calling me up very early again and so straight and right into the action: This is Death fuckin' Metal from Germany with clear roots in the good old Sverige Death Metal scene and days, so think for example about old DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED, some GRAVE, EDGE OF SANITY, and UNLEASHED as roadmarks to the sound and style and musick of MANIC ADRIFT. But please do me, do the band, and do yourself the favor and keep in mind that (a.) MANIC ADRIFT are a pretty independently band with a own character that's definitely not copy-&-paste-ing anyone or anything and also they aren't ripping anyone of the big old ones off; and also keep in mind that (b.) MANIC ADRIFT are, and thank the mighty Buddha for this, a totally fresh and if you want so up to date band, Old School as fuck for sure but with a lot of own and fresh ideas and so with sort of a modern touch (that you can get perfectly aware of when you just listen with only a little attention to the great guitar playing and its riffs and leads), no stale and lame retro band crap. Thumbs up for both points, the (a.) and the (b.), too. You can expect crushing and ripping damn heavy, aggressive, and brutal yet melodic and catchy very well-versed guitars with a great dark and morbid necro feeling to it all, sick and suffering hysteric and brutal screamed and shouted guttural grunted vokillz (sometimes enriched by desolate and desparate spoken word parts), some few cool sinister atmospheric synth parts, and a devastating harsh and totally precise and to the point played rhythm section that gives the whole musick the right and strong massive backbone. Also you can expect a very strong songwriting that also offers pretty often sort of a furious organic grooving and rocking vibe that really kicks ass, and trust me when I say that this guys know how to play their instruments, trust me. Also MANIC ADRIFT shall be a great live band that delivers very entertaining gigs. Anyhow, expect also a damn good necro-styled production sound, and a great (cover) artwork, and even I can't tell that much about the lyrics just by looking at songtitles like "FROZEN THOUGHTS", "HUMAN KING", "ENRAGED WORLD", "SINNER", and "FADE AWAY", just to name this ones as examples, I could imagine that they also offer some interesting stuff on the lyrics-front. Metalheads and especially Death Metal fans shouldn't think twice, this one is clearly recommended by me for /to you. So go out and risk an ear, or better buy it in which format ever promptly right now. And "THX!!!" to Rudi for making me known to and with this strong going and much promising young german band. Cheers!!! /// Andy
(8 of 10 points)

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