Dienstag, 5. August 2014


Hey folks, for the moment now just a little tip or advertisement for you: Check out the new site "NO ECHO" (even it isn't that new anymore - and even I don't know if I maybe not already did promote the site up here in the past...) that is run and done by Andrew Aversionline and mates of him, and it is a great site, a really great site, dealing especially with music and that especially should please (open minded) fans and listeners of several various (Hard-) Core and Metal breeds and variations. The site already grew on heavily, and I really enjoy it, it's truly again and again a great and interesting as well as entertaining read. From a slow start the site grew on bigger and stronger all the time and it is fantastic to read new stuff written by Andrew Aversionline finally again, after he retired his almighty and amazing "AVERSIONLINE" site some time or years ago. So, all in all, here's the link to the site and then check out the great new site and project "NO ECHO", more than worth a read, definitely worth your time: http://www.noecho.net/. Cheers. /// Andy

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