Sonntag, 10. August 2014


Now just a classic for tonight, and then that's it already for today respectvely tonight, and now here they come the New Orleans Heavyweight Champs of CROWBAR with my personal favorite of them, the almighty smasher titled "LIKE BROKEN GLASS", a total hymn, New Orleans Doom Metal majesty, (still) ruling totally supreme, and don't miss out on checking out their brandnew album "SYMMETRY IN BLACK" ("on "NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS", released at the 26th of May of 2014) as well. Okay, now just you enjoy CROWBAR with "LIKE BROKEN GLASS" and then I am off again and up and away for the second part of this current evening/night, ah, and I am wishing you all a good night, we'll read us again tomorrow (or so). Mosh hard and keep on enjoying your Saturday, cheers!!! /// Andy
I love this poster motif, it's awesome.

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