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FORCED ORDER - "ETERNAL WAR" (Harsh Californian Hardcore Punk; "D.I.Y." Digital Album from June 2014.)

("D.I.Y."; Digital Album)
(Information: I just stumbled upon FORCED ORDER more or less by accident and to be honest I don't know anything else than this very album here of/by FORCED ORDER, so for all what I see this is a "D.I.Y." release but I don't know it for sure and don't ask me if there are any physical copies of this album floating around, I just don't know it, sorry.)
(Running time: Eight songs in around eleven minutes... an all out attack, point and fact!!!)
(Release date: 24th of June 2014.)
(''What to pay, where to get?'': Download it over @ for a price of 6,00 U.S. $.)
FORCED ORDER... ah to me totally unknown band from California, and a very young band to judge by the bandpicture(s), that I stumbled upon sort of by accident after a online friend of mine who's from the States wrote me that I should check this guys out... and what shall I say... maybe just: "THX man!!!" Simply because FORCED ORDER are a damn good band that delivered here with their current "ETERNAL WAR" titled album really a damn good ass kicking album. For all what I see on their Bandcamp site it's their so far second release after their "DEMO '14" titled debut release from February 2014. This guys roar out from California and they deliver one fresh explosive fury and fiery musical molotov cocktail of a little album full of brutal and harsh, aggressive and heavy shredding and sawing Hardcore Punk full of dirty flavored hard and heavy hitting, brutal striking, and bonesmashing powerful hammering guitars that beside the sheer power and force of the thrashing riffs and moshing grooves also deliver great also pretty melodic leads and solos, and that truly are the engine that drives the music and songs forward without mercy, no damn fucking prisoners taking. This is all backed up by a really massive and totally tight and precise in time rhythm section, that fuels the free of regrets, doubts, and any kind of mercy forward pacing engine with the right heavy full value fuel. All is then cultivated and melted together by the infernal bestial hard and aggressive, pissed off and furious wild raging shouted vokillz (also nicely backed up here and there by loud crew shoutings) that really heat up the temperature in a fiery and brutal way, to heat up the engine and the rotation or circulation speed of the fuel even more. Imagine a mixture out of HATEBREED with VISION OF DISORDER with NYC Hardcore from MADBALL to AWKWARD THOUGHT and set it all on a heavy Punk diet with stuff like (newer) THE EXPLOITED mixed with some Old School Youth Crew Hardcore impressions like YOUTH OF TODAY and PROJECT X and you surely have a good starting point to discover FORCED ORDER. The guys can play, and surely they know how to write songs (that are despise their short running time full of great and fresh grapping and interesting ideas) and how to do it all already their very own way. Thumbs up!!! To the lyrics I can't say anything of real reliable worth, so I won't say anything about it, even I could imagine, and that's the impression that I get, that they don't sing about my little pony dancing and singing in the sun... The (cover) artwork is great, but don't mistake it for being the cover of a Old School Crustcore/D-Beat album just because of the motif and black/white artwork and the that way styled band logo, and the broad and heavy production sound is a true and pure bomb. So, even I would love to see and hear them doing some longer lasting songs and varying it all a bit more here and there I think they are doing exactly what they want to do and I definitely know that they do it all already really and truly damn fucking good and we all can surely expect even far more from this strong going young band to come in the future, I really hope so. So all in all this one is without a doubt recommended, so go and check it out or make it simple: Just buy it. Get it, period. HARDCORE!!! FIST!!! /// Andy
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