Montag, 11. August 2014


Hey folks, everything's fine so far?!? Now just a little goody, majestic stand-alone classical Prog Rock by no one else than the almighty, immortalized, and unforgettable SAGA with their larger than life classical anthem "ON THE LOOSE" from their phenomenal 1981 album "WORLD'S APART". (Btw, 1981 eh, sounds like a great year:-)!!!) I love this stuff, I love this band, album, and song, and beside this it also brings great childhood memories to my mind, because my mother listened to SAGA in general and the mentioned album in particular again and again over all the time, so that it marked me heavily without a doubt. And after today at work my comrades at work and I are busy with some "special" office works we have all the time in the world to listen also to music, and that was when it happened that this song was played and again I was hooked right from the start. And so now, just you enjoy it, a evergreen larger than life classic. Cheers!!! /// Andy

That's how it is.

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