Mittwoch, 20. August 2014


One of the GREATEST bands ever, especially their first five lifechanging albums, very important for me back then in my younger days as a teenage Metalhead and still very important for me today as a... as just me, fuck subcultural boundaries and bullshit labels to classify yourself. I love this band and this is one of my all time favorites of them and it was and is also one of their biggest hits... and a larger than life anthem. And today or respectively tonight this dark-tuned Metal music is just a perfect match to allow me coming down and letting my thoughts slip away from the stress and strife of this day. So, I hope you enjoy it, but be sure that I definitely do enjoy it, and then soon I wish you all a good night as my day will end very soon with me embracing night and with her also rest, finally today/tonight, and then more is coming up in the next days for sure, so far and until then sleep well or do well what-ever you're about to do. Cheers folks. /// Andy

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